Registration Process

The following documents MUST be submitted with the application form;

  • Birth Certificate of the learner
  • Most recent report card
  • Two ID Photos
  • ID copies of mother, father / guardian and a relative
  • Transfer Card (Graduation Certificate Grade 0)
  1. Payments of the Registration fee confirms placement in a class. No spaces are reserved without parents having submitted the fully completed application form, with all necessary documents and paid the registration fee in cash at the college office.
  2. Registration fee is paid yearly.
  3. The Registration fee is NOT REFUNDABLE at any time.
  4. Registration and school fee is not refundable in case of a cancellation of registration.
  5. The Application form includes an indemnity form which must be fully completed and signed by parents to permit a child to attend and excursion organised by the school and transport to and from an excursion.
  6. All pupils and parents are liable for the registration fee and school fees for the month even if the child attends 1 or 2 days of that specific month.
  7. All schools must be paid on or before the 3rd of every month. NO arrangements can be made to pay later. If you make a payment towards the school fees, please ensure that you use the correct family code reference, for the payment to be allocated correctly.
  8. The Parent contract attached to the application form, that is signed with the College is valid for 1 (one) academic year – in the contract it is clearly stipulated that if the contract were to be cancelled, 1 (one) full calendar months’ written notice must be submitted to the office as cancellation.