Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 9 | TERM 2 – 2018

Good day

Every week seems to pass quicker than the previous one, and that means that we need to plan so far ahead to avoid problems. We do ask that you take a moment and just read through this letter.

The parents’ days for this term was schedule by Invitation only. Learners did receive a letter or an sms from the specific teacher. It is of the utmost importance that you see the teacher. Please keep to the scheduled time table given through.

Time is flying and it is almost time to re-register your child again. Each learner will receive a form where you have to indicate whether your child will be returning to Charlton Vos College in 2019 or not. After sending back this form, your child will get the application form that must be completed and sent back to school. All dates for forms to be in will be given in the next letter. We will not be taking in any new grade 9, 10, 11 or 12 learners for 2018. Learners with discipline problems and learners that were in arrears will not be registered for the year 2019. Such learners will or have already received a letter of NO REGISTRATION AT CVC.

We are experiencing a huge volume of parents that want their child during school hours for appointments or travelling far. We do ask that you make your child’s appointments or schedule the far trips for after school. It is very disturbing for the teacher and other learners if so many learners are called over the intercom. We will not give a permission note for early release if it is not extremely important.

27 April 2018 Freedom Day
30 April 2018 School holiday for all schools
1 May 2018 Workers Day

As from the 1st of May 2018 all learners must wear full winter uniform. If your child doesn’t have the correct winter uniform, please go to Silver Cross and purchase it before the 1st of May 2018.
The school diary has the correct uniform in. Only the beanie sold at school can be worn. No other beanie will be allowed.

We are experiencing many problems with learners that are making use of own transport. They are constantly late for school. We mentioned this problem a few times, but still there are parents that don’t realise the importance of being on time for school. The second time a learner is late, such learners’ parents will be called and will have to take him/her home. We have the best interest of the learners at heart and we would like to the parents to understand our concern if they are late every day.
Then there are the afternoon pick up, some learners are left at school until very late in the evening. The following measures will be put in place to help the teachers and other learners as well as the security mornings and afternoons.
The school is busy erecting a waiting area, next to the main gate with a separate entrance/exit. Learners coming late will be waiting in that area until the end of period one when the bell rings to go to class so that they don’t disturb the lesson.
Afternoons, when school is out, all learners making use of own transport will be in the waiting area. The person that will be picking up the learner will have to park and get out of the vehicle. Parents or taxi or after care CAN’T double park to pick up the learner/s. They will have to fetch the learner from the waiting area. No learner will be released from the waiting area if the person responsible for picking such learner up don’t go to the gate personally.
Children stay children, and when they see their transport arrive they run, without looking for oncoming traffic, and this can end tragically.
These are measures for security and safety. Some parents are driving very fast and we can’t wait until an accident happen to do something about the situation. We as school and security, don’t take any responsibility for a learner after school is out. We are just trying to help by letting them wait in a waiting area (own risk) until they get picked up.
There are some learners, that wait extremely long for their parents to fetch them after school (some until 21h30), they will also be in the waiting area until picked up.

WE DON’T HAVE AN AFTER SCHOOL CENTRE OR AFTER SCHOOL CARE. Please don’t let your child stay at school so late.

Traffic will be stopped until all buses left the premises in the afternoon. We ask that you respect this arrangement, and adhere to the rules.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. JS Diedericks
Operational Principal