Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 9 | TERM 1 – 2022

Good day

The term is at an end.  Most of the learners worked very hard and did get excellent results.  But there are still learners that is really not working at all.  This brings there marks down.  Some is also misbehaving in the class and bus and creates a problem for other learners.

Homework must be done regularly to be able to grasp the concept in full.  Homework helps to make study lighter and faster.  There are still learners that doesn’t complete their homework, don’t prepare for speeches or other assignments.  We do ask that the parents help us in this regard and make sure that all homework is done for the next day.  Please make sure that your child is at home in the afternoons so that he/she can start with homework or preparation for tests.

It is important that parents check all books everyday and make sure all work is done. 
All the books must be covered by now and learners must have all text books.  Make sure your child pack the correct time table for the day.

We need our learners to understand that good behaviour is very important to be able to achieve good results.  Discipline is necessary to make our learners the best of the best.  We need to discipline our children so that they will be able to grow up to be outstanding citizens of South Africa.

We have a serious problem with learners using their cell phones during tests and assignments.  This is cheating and cheating is a very serious offence.  We have a cell policy which clearly states that learners are not allowed to have a cell phone.  If they have a cell phone it must be switched off and out of sight.  We have a zero tolerance for learners who don’t obey the rules.


17 March 2022School closes at 11h00 Crazy Hat day Gr R – 12:  R 5
5 April 2022School re-opens for term 2
14 April 2022Reports will go out to students

Our learners will be participating in a cross country event in the beginning of the 2nd term.  The final date and details will be given through when the school re-opens for term 2.  Learners that are interested in participating in this event must please keep on practising during the holidays.  Entry fee is R 20 per athlete.

Mr. JS Diedericks