Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 8 | TERM 1 – 2022

Good day


Are you 100% sure you know your child?  Do you know what they do after school?  Who are their friends?  What are they involved in?  Are you only reacting when you get a discipline letter from school, or are you checking your child’s books and work every day?  Is my child obeying all school rules and rules in general that makes society a better place?  Do I groom my child for the work place one day?  Am I a good example to my child?

If you don’t know you will have to take the time and find out.  This can have a negative or positive impact on your child’s life.  We as parents need to be on top of everything to avoid our children not achieving their goals and succeed as well-mannered and outstanding citizens in the society.   

We need to enforce all the positive things so that our children don’t want to “mix with the wrong crowd”, or want to be with friends because at home it is not “nice”.  We need to be strict but still show that we love them unconditionally.  We need to be an example to our children in every aspect.  We need to talk to them and help them understand why it is important to behave well, to dress neat and to make sure we as persons are always neatly groomed.  And very important that we do our work to the utmost best so that we can achieve the highest sport in life.  We are a photograph of our homes, our parents when we are out there. 

We are really experiencing more than ever behavioural problems with many learners.  They are arrogant, disrespectful, naughty, vandalizing property, towards teachers, bus drivers and fellow students.  This is something that we have never experienced in the past.  It is such a shock to us, where we have always had very good learners.  This might be due to social media and the fact that Covid has had a very bad impact on our youth, seeing that they were not at school for some time.

  •  Check your child’s phone for inappropriate material or messages.  If you don’t know how ask someone to help.
  • If your child behaves strange or different than usual, do a drug test.  Our area is full of drugs ad wrong friends are everywhere.

We have an open-door policy at school, but due to Covid it had to change.  So, we do ask that if you would like to see a teacher or principal, please make an appointment beforehand.  We would like to keep our staff and learners safe in these uncertain times.   

Teachers will not be allowed to see any parent during teaching time.  Appointments will be before school (6h45 – 7h30) or after school (14h00 – 14h30).

The school is closing on the 17th of March for the end of term 1.  On this day, Foundation phase is organizing a CRAZY HAT DAY for the whole school.  To participate you will have to pay R5 at your register teacher and make yourself a crazy hat to wear on this day.  There will be a prize for the CRAZIEST HAT OF THE DAY.


17 March 2022School closes at 11h00 Crazy Hat day Gr R – 12:  R 5
5 April 2022School re-opens for term 2

Our learners will be participating in a cross country event in the beginning of the 2nd term.  The final date and details will be given through when the school re-opens for term 2.  Learners that are interested in participating in this event must please keep on practising during the holidays.  Entry fee is R 20 per athlete.

Mr. JS Diedericks