Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 7 | TERM 1 – 2022

Good day


If there are no discipline there can’t be any education. We have a ZERO tolerance towards learners that are not obeying the school rules.  Rules are there for a specific reason.   All learners know the rules and must adhere to them to make every day a good day for all involved.                    


Thank you for all the photo orders. 


We are still having problems with some learners on the bus.  But we are also grateful for the parents that is really taking our hands in this regard and make sure their children are behaving on the bus.


Refer to previous letters.


We are experiencing that some learners are absent every Friday and Monday from school.  They are losing a lot of school work/tests etc.  Make sure your child is at school every day.  Only if they are really ill, take them to the doctor and keep them at home until they are better.  

If a child is sick on a test/exam day they need to hand in a letter from a doctor or it will be a zero.


We are really experiencing more than ever behavioural problems with many learners.  They are arrogant, disrespectful, naughty, vandalizing property, towards teachers, bus drivers and fellow students.  This is something that we have never experienced in the past.  It is such a shock to us, where we have always had very good learners.  This might be due to social media and the fact that Covid has had a very bad impact on our youth, seeing that they were not at school for some time.


If your child receives a disciplinary letter from the head of Discipline, Mr Nel, we do ask that you immediately contact Mr Nel to discuss the problem.   We have a zero tolerance and this can have an impact on your child’s registration for the following academic year.  We will not have learners disrupting classes or show any behavioural problems that might have a negative influence on the other learners in school and on the bus.

Mr. JS Diedericks