Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 6 | TERM 1 – 2019

Good day

Just a reminder that the last day to place your order will be on the 5th of March 2019.  We do ask that you put the correct amount of money for the order in an envelope with the order form inside with the money.

Our Grade R learners went to San Giovani Restaurant at the Wonderboom Airport on Wednesday 20 February.  They made their own pizzas and enjoyed it very much.  Our own little chefs!!!!  Thank you to all the grade R teachers that went with and also to the parents for making it possible to enjoy this event.

Once again Charlton Vos stood out in the crowd.  We received the following during the ceremony:

  • 100% pass rate (only 2 schools had a 100% in our district)
  • Best  independent school
  • Best school in circuit 1
  • Highest bachelors’ degree average

The following teachers received medals for outstanding averages in their subjects in the district:

Mrs Francis Swart – Life Sciences – Gold Medal

Mr Lucky Marange – Mathematics Literacy – Gold Medal

Mr Lucky Marange – Physical Science – Silver Medal

Mr Munyei Masinire – Tourism – Silver Medal

Mr Science Dube – Life Orientation – Silver Medal

Mr Science Dube – Economics – Bronze Medal

We did mention in a previous letter of 2018, that we recommend that you don’t buy a Caddy.  Reason being, it is very heavy and when learners change classes it makes a huge noise.  Learners can’t carry the Caddy, because it is too heavy.  Learners always need help getting up the stairs, in and out of the bus and when it is raining, the Caddy can’t be picked up.

We have taken this matter up in our rules and regulations and will be published in the diary for 2020.  So when you buy a school bag again, don’t buy a Caddy.  They will not be allowed to use the Caddy at school.  We do appreciate your co-operation in this matter.

It is almost the end of term 1/2019.  Time flies and we still have a lot to do.  This is just a friendly reminder to make sure that your school fees are up to date.  The school will be closing on the 15th of March and then your fees for term 1 must be paid in full.  April’s school fees must be paid before or on the 1st of April 2019.

We are experiencing problems when trying to get hold of parents.  Many cell phone numbers does not exist anymore or is answered by a person that doesn’t have any relation with the child.  This is extremely irresponsible, because when a child is ill or there is another emergency we can’t get hold of any parent.  If your details changed since you have completed the application form for 2019, please send your updated details via email, with the child’s name, surname and class ASAP.

Yours sincerely,
Mr. JS Diedericks
Operational Principal