Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 6 | TERM 1 – 2018

Good day

The bus transport is a free service the school renders to the learners of Charlton Vos College.  When a driver drops the learner off, the school, bus driver and Bus Company will not be taking any responsibility for the learner/s.  It is the responsibility of the parent to make sure that the learners arrive home safely

We are experiencing many problems on the buses this year with learners vandalizing the buses.  They kick out windows, cutting seats with sharp objects just to name a few.  We have spoken to the learner’s ample times already this year but still we experiencing problems.  We will be speaking to all the learners again.  We do ask that you as parent will also speak to your child about this.  We will not tolerate this behaviour at all.  We need to respect each other’s property at all times.  Learners need to sit down in the bus.  The little ones are jumpy and don’t sit still.


Charlton Vos College will be closing the 20th of March 2018 for term 1.  Please inform the own transport of this date.  We will re-open again on the 10th of April 2018.


As you know the ceremony was held on Friday last week.  Charlton Vos College once again showed them that we are the best school.

The following awards were won by CVC:

Mr T. Shoko – Gold Medal for Accounting

Mrs. F. Swart – Silver Medal for Life Sciences

Mr. L. Marange – Silver Medal for Physical Sciences

Mr. L. Marange – Bronze Medal for Mathematical Literacy

Mr. S. Dube – Bronze Medal for Economics

Mr. L. Marange was the only teacher in the district that received an award for Physical Science.

We were also the only school that received an award for Mathematics.

We received a trophy for Bachelors Degrees, a trophy for 100% pass rate, AND we won the trophy for the best Independent school in the district.

Congratulations to the teachers who won medals and thank you to all our staff for the contribution of each one to make Charlton Vos College once again the best school.  We only have the cream of the crop.

We need to take hands and ensure that our learners are dressed according to the school rules.  When your child leave the home in the morning, please make sure they are properly dressed for school.  Some of the boys have pants on that are still not correct or are too short.  This needs to be corrected ASAP.    If your child is not correctly dressed, you will be phoned and you will need to come and fetch your child from school to dress correctly.  We are not going to tolerate any wrong uniform or bending of rules when it comes to the school uniform.

PARENT DAYS:  (Grade 1 – 3)
Thank you to all the parents that attended the parent day.  It was necessary to speak to the subject/class teacher at this stage to sort out the minor problems that your child might have or show.  All parent day dates were given in previous letter.

We offer English as Home Language here at CVC.  But we are experiencing problems with the little ones not being able to execute the assignments correctly, because they don’t understand English.  We ask that you speak English at home so that your child will be able to help him/herself in English.  They will not be able to do well in any subject if they don’t understand English or can’t speak English fluently.  This will hamper them and have a huge influence on their marks at the end of the term and year.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. JS Diedericks
Operational Principal