Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 5 | TERM 1 – 2021

Good day to all parents


We are very proud to announce that our school had once again achieved a 100% pass rate for our 2020 Grade 12 group.  We had Bachelors pass rate of 65,4%.  We are again the best school in our Circuit in the District.  We have now achieved a 100% pass rate for the last eight years.  In 2019 DBE published a performance report for the best schools in each Province based on matric results for 2015 – 2019.  We were one of only 104 schools in Gauteng who managed to have a 100% pass rate from 2015 – 2020.  We were also the BEST PERFORMING SCHOOL FOR THE SAME PERIOD IN TSHWANE WEST. 

We congratulate our dedicated staff and teachers who all serve the school as a team and help every year to achieve these outstanding performances.

Grade 12 Teachers and Learners are here every afternoon to do extra classes and prepare for final exam.  We thank all TEACHERS AND LEARNERS AND PARENTS for the effort they put in.


Each learner will receive an order form soon.  The order forms must be completed and send back with the correct amount of money in an envelope to school.  An sms will be send to each parent to notify them when the forms will be handed out to the learners.


If your child is not feeling well or have flu symptoms, please take him/her to the doctor immediately.  Keep them at home until they are well again.  Communicate with the teacher so that your child can get all the work until he/she returns to school again. 

Please don’t send a learner to school if they are not feeling well.


There are still a few learners that are late for school every morning.  Make sure you drop your child off not later than 7h30 in the morning.


Thank you to all the parents and learners for being so neat.  Make sure your child is wearing the correct uniform every day.

Winter is busy crawling up on us.  As from 1 May 2021 all learners must be wearing WINTER UNIFORM.  Make sure your child has the correct winter uniform.  Beanies are available at the office.  Learners will only be allowed to wear a school beanie.  Not any other colour or any other beanie. 


It is very sad, but true that some of our learners are vandalizing the buses.  They are cutting and tearing seats.  We will not tolerate any vandalism on the bus or at school.  Pleas explain to your child the importance of sitting still in the bus or any other vehicle.  All bags must be put on the floor and not on the seats.

Learners who are guilty of misbehaving on the bus, will be taken off and will have to make use of own transport.


Although we have moved down to level 1, we still have to wear our masks and sanitize regularly.  Also keep social distancing.   We do ask that you still keep your child at home in the afternoons, and make sure they don’t play in crowds or without masks.  We all need to stay safe and healthy.

Regards and enjoy your weekend.

Mr.JS Diedericks