Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 5 | TERM 1 – 2020

Good day


All learners will be receiving an order form for the photos on Friday 21 February 2020.  Make sure you complete it in full and send the correct amount of money in an envelope to school.  Last orders will be taken in on 4th of March 2020.


Teacher Francis took the grade 10 Life Science learners on an outing to visit the Botanical Gardens which is also part of their practical assignment for this term.  They enjoyed it very much and also admired nature again from another perspective.  Thank you Mrs. Francis Swart for the opportunity.


We had a wonderful show that was brought to us by Colgate.  They taught the learners the correct way to brush their teeth every day.  They also gave each learner from Grade RR to Grade 3 a tooth brush and toothpaste. 


It saddens us to think that there are children that show bad behaviour on the bus and at school.  We know that our learners are brought up to respect and behave.  We do ask the parents to speak to your child about behaviour and respect.  On the bus we sit on the seats and not jump or run around.  It is extremely dangerous when they don’t obey the rules.  Such learners will be taken off the bus and will have to be transported by their parents to and from school.

In class learners need to show respect to the teacher and their fellow learners.  They need to obey the class and school rules at all times.  They must have all their books at school every day.  Homework must be done every day.  Bad behaviour disrupts the class and hamper the other learners and teacher to do their best, and this is not acceptable at all.  Such learners will be taken out of class and the parents will be contacted immediately.


We as Charlton Vos are really striving to help those in need in our community.  We have asked that each learner must bring 2 tins of food to school (or any dry products) so that we can donate it to a charity that is helping the people that are not as privileged as we are.  We would like to thank every parent that joined in and sent the tins to school.  We also would like to ask if there are parents that can donate more than 2 we will really appreciate it very much.  This project ends on the 28th of February 2020.


If your child is really ill, please take him/her to the doctor and keep them at home if they are booked off.  Provide the school with a medical certificate when they attend school again.

It also happens that we need to phone a parent when a child gets ill at school.  Then the cell phone numbers we have on record does not exist.  If your cell number changed, please inform the school immediately via email.  It is in the best interest of the child and school that we always have the correct contacting details on file.


We did mention in a previous letter of 2018, that we recommend that you don’t buy a Caddy.  Reason being, it is very heavy and when learners changes classes it makes a huge noise.  Learners can’t carry the Caddy, because it is too heavy.  Learners always need help getting up the stairs, in and out of the bus and when it is raining, the Caddy can’t be picked up.

We have taken this matter up in our rules and regulations and will be published in the diary for 2020.  So when you buy a school bag again, don’t buy a Caddy.  They will not be allowed to use the Caddy at school.  Refer to school diary, p 15 nr 4.2.4.  We do appreciate your co-operation in this matter.


What an evil platform has it become.  It shows explicit stuff and also shows different dangerous games learners and young adults are playing for the “fun”.  But it is not for “fun”!!!!!  It is dangerous games which creates bodily harm and even death in some cases.  We do ask that you speak to your child about the influence that SOCIAL MEDIA has on them.  Please check your child’s phone regularly to make sure they are not involved in some dangerous sites or situations.  We are very strict at school and will not allow any cell phone as per our policy. 


For the learners that joined this club, they must please print out the photo (A5 copy paper or photo paper) and bring it to school.  This photo will be kept by the teacher.  They need to write their name, surname and grade/class on the back of the print.

Primary school learners:  Gr 4 – 7 will hand in with Teacher Lien Struwig

High School learners:  Gr 8 – 12 will hand in with Teacher Francis Swart or Teacher Shilla Shango.

The due date for the first round will be Friday 21 February 2020.  The theme was FLOWERS.

SCHOOL FEES: January 2020 and February 2020 school fees had to be paid in full already.  If you haven’t done so yet, interest will be added to your account.  The new accounts/statements will be handed out next week for March 2020.  Please make sure you pay the full amount outstanding as indicated on your account/statement.


21 FebraryGrade R puppet showAve on Iris 9h00
26 FebruaryAthletics Grade 4 – 7 (only athletes)“By His Grace” Private school Opposite Steve Biko Hospital 8h00 – 12h30
26 FebruaryRocky Future Show Grade 11 & Grade 12Ave on Iris 9h00
28 FebruaryGrandparents day for Grade RR & Grade R learners ONLYAve on Iris 9h00
4 MarchPerfect Life at Hoërskool Overkruin for Grade 11 & Grade 12Hoërskool Overkruin Braam Pretorius Street

Yours sincerely,

Mr. JS Diedericks

Operational Principal