Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 5 | TERM 1 – 2019

Good day

Just a reminder that the last day to place your order will be on the 5th of March 2019.

Teacher Francis took the grade 10 Life Science learners on an outing to visit the Botanical Gardens which is also part of their practical assignment for this term.  They enjoyed it very much and also admired nature again from another perspective.  Thank you, Mrs Francis Swart, for the opportunity.

It saddens us to think that there are children that show bad behaviour on the bus and at school.  We know that our learners are brought up to respect and behave.  We do ask the parents to speak to your child about behaviour and respect.  On the bus, we sit on the seats and not jump or run around.  It is extremely dangerous when they don’t obey the rules.  Such learners will be taken off the bus and will have to be transported by their parents to and from school.

In class, learners need to show respect to the teacher and their fellow learners.  They need to obey the class and school rules at all times.  They must have all their books at school every day.  Homework must be done every day.  Bad behaviour disrupts the class and hampers the other learners and teacher to do their best, and this is not acceptable at all.  Such learners will be taken out of class and the parents will be contacted immediately.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the parent days for grade 8 – 12 were cancelled.  If you would like to see a teacher please make an appointment with the specific subject or class teacher for after school.  The teachers are also going to communicate with those parents of learners that show problems or difficulties with a subject.

If your child is really ill, please take him/her to the doctor and keep them at home if they are booked off.  Provide the school with a medical certificate when they attend school again.

It also happens that we need to phone a parent when a child gets ill at school.  Then the cell phone numbers we have on record does not exist.  If your cell number changed, please inform the school immediately via email.  It is in the best interest of the child and school that we always have the correct contacting details on file.

Charlton Vos is very proud to have the BEST teachers teaching your children.  Once again we are bragging about the 2018 results.

On this Friday, there will be the DISTRICT TEACHER AWARDS CEREMONY, and once again our grade 12 teachers were invited to attend this ceremony.  As you know we had a 100% pass rate and we were the best school in the district.  We congratulate them on their excellent results.  Thank you for your hard work and all the effort you are putting in every day to help our learners to achieve the highest sport in life.

We did mention in a previous letter of 2018, that we recommend that you don’t buy a Caddy.  Reason being, it is very heavy and when learners change classes it makes a huge noise.  Learners can’t carry the Caddy, because it is too heavy.  Learners always need help getting up the stairs, in and out of the bus and when it is raining, the Caddy can’t be picked up.

We have taken this matter up in our rules and regulations and will be published in the diary for 2020.  So when you buy a school bag again, don’t buy a Caddy.  They will not be allowed to use the Caddy at school.  We do appreciate your co-operation in this matter.

Yours sincerely,
Mr. JS Diedericks
(Operational Principal)