Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 4 | TERM 1 – 2022

Good day to all parents


  • School fees:  The management decided that learners will not be given chance until the end of the year if fees are in arrears.  From 2022 the following will apply:
  •  One month in arrears:  Letter send to parents to bring fees up to date immediately.  Interest will be charged as per contract. 
  • Second month in arrears:  Final warning letter will be sent out.  Interest will be charged again.  Warning that account will be handed over for collection.
  • Third month in arrears:  Letter/File will be handed over to attorney and learner’s space will be cancelled.
  • Discipline:  We have a zero tolerance towards bad behaviour in school and buses.  Talk to your child about basic discipline.  Also make sure they obey the rules.  Talk to them about uniform, hair, etc.  All must be according to school rules.  Learners know to report any problems to there register teacher immediately before coming to the office.


We are experiencing the following problems on the buses, and parents must also talk to your children about these issues:

  • Learners will not be allowed on the bus WITHOUT A MASK.  No mask, no bus.  If your child is not having a mask on he/she will be left at the pick up point.  Please make sure your child has a mask on and an extra one in his/her school bag.
  • Some learners are jumping on the seats.  Drivers need to concentrate on the road and not on learners misbehaving on the bus.  Such learners will be taken off the bus permanently and parents will have to transport them themselves to and from school every day.  We do ask that you speak to your child about behaviour on the bus.
  • ZERO TOLERANCE for learners misbehaving on the bus.
  • Some learners that did misbehave on the bus were taken off the bus already. 


  • This is a topic we address at school on a regular basis.  All learners need to keep the school premises and toilets neat and clean.  It is all of us that uses the toilets every day.  Learners will not be allowed back on the premises after school is out.  We start to clean for the next day.  Make sure you pick your child up directly after school is out every day.


Some of our learners are staying close by the school and are walking home in the afternoons.  We do ask that you make sure your child has an umbrella or arrange transport for the days it is pouring.  We also ask that you tell them to walk in a group, since many times learners from all schools around here were stopped and robbed.  We don’t have any control over that.  Learners must not walk and talk or listen to music on their phones.  They put themselves in danger when doing it.


CVC will be having valentine’s day on the Friday, 18th of February.  The high school learners will be wearing civvies and have to pay in the amount of R 10,00 with the register teachers.  Other arrangements for food will be confirmed.  All will happen under supervision of the teachers during school hours.

Primary school arrangements for valentine’s day will be confirmed later.


Mr. JS Diedericks