Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 4 | TERM 1 – 2021

Good day to all parents

Time is flying and it is end of February.


Charlton Vos did it again!!!!!  We had a 100% pass rate again.  65,4% bachelors degrees.  We are also NUMBER 1 IN OUR DISTRICT!!!!!

We are very proud of all the learners and teachers that spend many hours preparing our learners under very difficult times for the final exam.  We are the cream of the crop and once again we showed everyone that we are the best.  We also thank our Heavenly Father for blessing us and keeping all our Grade 12’s and teachers safe and guiding them to excellence during 2020.


Grade RR & R Grade 1 Group 111 FebruaryDONE
Grade 1 Group 212 FebruaryDONE
Grade 2 – Grade 12 Group 14 MarchFull school uniform
Grade 2 – Grade 12 Group 25 MarchFull school uniform


If your child is using chronic medicine that he/she must take during school hours, it is the responsibility of the learner to make sure they take it and the right dosage.  The school can’t distribute any medicine, not for flu, headache or any other illness. 

Learners with asthma must have the pump or medication with them at all times.  The office can’t give asthma medication to any learner (we don’t have any asthma medication).  It is the responsibility of the parent to make sure your child has the medication in the school bag and they know how to take it.  The school can’t be held responsible for a learner not taking their medicine. 


IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU USE THE CORRECT FAMILY CODE WHEN MAKING A PAYMENT.  We can’t allocate any deposits if we don’t know for who the payment was.

We also want to make use of this opportunity to thank all the parents that have already paid on time.  We really appreciate it.


Please remind your child to do his/her homework every day.  They have enough time during the day when they don’t come to school.

We will also not tolerate any bad behaviour or arrogance towards teachers.  Also show respect towards your friends.


If you pick your child up after school, make sure to keep social distancing outside of the school premises.  We are not responsible for any person outside of the school premises.  Wear your mask and sanitize.  It is in the best interest of our children and parents that we at all times adhere to these rules.


If your child is not feeling well or have flu symptoms, please take him/her to the doctor immediately.  Keep them at home until they are well again.  Communicate with the teacher so that your child can get all the work until he/she returns to school again. 


Still too many learners arrive late.  They miss out on work done and disturb the rest.  Registers are done at 7h45 – 07h50.  Your child needs to be dropped off not later than 7h30 like stipulated in the previous letters.


Remember that COVID is still here and that we need to sanitize, wear our masks and keep social distancing at all times.    If you wake up every morning, thank our Lord for He is great.  Ask for His blessing upon our children and the families of Charlton Vos.

Regards and enjoy your weekend.

Mr.JS Diedericks