Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 34 | TERM 4 – 2021

Good day to all parents

The year is speeding to an end now and we still have many things to finalize before we can go on holiday. 

We have given the following dates through in a previous letter BUT there are some changes:

1 December 2021Grade 12 learners write last paper All learners at school until 12h00
2 December 2021All learner at school until 12h00
3 December 2021Grade 1 – 9 get reports today
3 December 2021Last day the buses will pick up and drop off learners. School out at 10h00. School closes for all learners today.
6 December 2021Grade 10 & 11 learners can collect reports 7h00 – 10h00
7 December 2021Office opens 7h00 and closes 12h00
8 December 2021Office closes at 12h00
10 January 2022Office opens
11 January 2022Information day for Grade R – grade 3 One parent and the learner must attend the session:  8h00 till 10h00
12 January 2022School re-opens for learners.  Same rules apply as for 2021 when school re-opened.  No parents will be allowed on the premises due to Covid regulations.

Due to the fact that the Covid infections are on the rise, we ask that all parents will communicate via email or telephone if you have any account or other queries.  We will not allow parents on the premises for these queries.  Only new enrolments will be allowed into the office.  We need to keep every one safe and therefore we can’t have parents waiting in a line or bundle in the office.

Please contact Heidi vd Merwe, on Friday if you are still owing money or you have a query.

Please make sure that your school fees are up to date: or


A detailed information sheet will be posted on the website about how parents will go about when dropping off and fetching their children from school as from the 12th of January 2022.  If you would like your child to make use of the bus service, pleas contact Osiame Shikoane on 079 087 1672.  Your child must know the bus number he/she will be making use of in the mornings and afternoons.


We as CVC will send via sms messages to parents, should there be any change in the Covid situation.  It is therefore of the utmost importance that your contact details are correct on our system.  So if you have changed your cellphone number, please inform the school immediately.  You can email the correct or changed details to or


We do ask that you still adhere to all rules and regulations regarding Covid.  Sanitize and wear your mask.   

Mr.JS Diedericks