Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 30 | TERM 4 – 2020

Good day

All the learners are now busy with exams or assessments.  We do ask that you make sure your child is thoroughly prepared for each and every paper.  We at Charlton Vos College did cover all the work for 2020, even though there was a lockdown, our learners never fell behind.  We don’t need to carry any work over to the next academic year.  We thank all the parents, teachers and learners for the effort to make this upside down year a huge academic success.


We do ask that you put a spare mask in your child’s bag every day.  There are many learners that are wearing the disposable mask and it tears or the strings snap and then we need to provide them with a mask.  We ask that you give your child a cloth mask to wear and not a disposable mask.  That will eliminate the tearing and snapping of strings.


We would like to make use of this opportunity to thank the security for the effort they put into keep everyone safe. 

We are asking the parents to lock their vehicles and make sure it is locked before you leave your vehicle.  They are remote jamming your vehicle and that is how they then take stuff without breaking into the vehicle.   Please don’t leave your valuables in plain view in your vehicle.  Security is keeping an eye on all vehicles passing the school in the mornings. 


Please make sure your school fees are up to date. 


Charlton Vos will open on the 13th of January 2021 for learners.  The office will be open from 6 January 2021 from 9h00.  Please remember to contact Mr Osiame Shikoane for any queries in connection with transport – 079 087 1672.  There are specific routes with specific pick up and drop off points.  


All learners received lists for stationery for 2021.  Those prices are from Protea Books in Hatfield.  You can still buy the stationery from any outlet that stock the correct textbooks.  Grade RR – Grade 3 stationery will be available at school.  We are not affiliated with any bookstore at all.  Make sure that your child is ready with all stationery the first day of 2021 when school re-opens.

Grade RR – grade 3 stationery:

As the 2021 academic year is peeping around the corner, we want to forward the following about the 2021 stationery.

To financially accommodate parents, we decided to keep the stationery amount per grade at the prices of 2020.

GRADE 1R 1300
GRADE 2R 1200
GRADE 3R 1200

Each learner from Gr RR to Gr 3 will receive a letter concerning the stationery for 2021.  Please make sure you pay into the correct account when you make an EFT or bank deposit the stationery fee. 

You can buy your own stationery, but make sure you read the letter about stationery carefully.  Also make sure that you buy the exact same brand to avoid disappointment later.

All grade RR to grade 3 learners’ parents did receive a “whats app” message from the class teachers explaining the procedure of the stationery for 2021.