Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 28 | TERM 4 – 2019

Good day


Well it is the end of the year and the only fees still outstanding is November 2020 if you did not pay it yet.  Thank you for all those parents that already paid the fees in full.  We really appreciate it very much.

Remember that January 2020’s school fees need to be paid on or before the 3rd of January 2020. 


All learners are busy with exam now.

The last day the bus will pick up and drop off learners will be the 22nd of November 2019.  The grade 12 learners that are still writing after the 22nd of November must make use of own transport to and from school.  Please make sure your child is on time for every paper after the 22nd of November.


The Mini science show for Grade 1 – 3 learners was a huge success.  They loved every moment of it and learned a lot.  Thank you for all the arrangements to make this day such a marvellous day for our kiddies.


The stationery packages for Grade R – Grade 3 (2020) did arrive and will be send to the different classes your child will be attending next year.  Only those who paid for the package will receive it.  If you did not yet order or paid your order, do so ASAP.  We need to put in our last order before all the companies will be closing for the holidays.

We urge you to buy stationery in time.  Many times books are out of print or stock and then learners fall behind in home work due to the fact that they don’t have a text book.

We merely suggest that you can buy from the following suppliers, but you can buy from any supplier that will be stocking textbooks.   Grade R to grade 3 stationery will be available at school.  We will inform you as soon as the stock arrived.

Protea Bookshop, Church Street, 210 Du Toit Street Apollo Centre, shop 6.

Telephone:  012 320 0793


Fruition Projects:

Email:   Thabo Chabalala,

We don’t take any responsibility for these suppliers, we merely suggest that you can buy from them.  Second hand books can be bought from previous years learners.  That is a private deal between learners or parents and not the school.  There are many other suppliers that also stock the stationery and books that you can make use of.  We as school don’t take any responsibility for any textbooks outstanding from suppliers or money paid and books not received. 


The following days will be the only days to collect your child’s report from school.  Please make sure you stay in the time frame given.  Teachers will not be available after 10h00, due to meetings that we need to attend.

Grade R 22 November 2019 After the graduation ceremony
Grade 1 – 3 2 December 2019 8h00 – 10h00
Grade 4 – 7 3 December 2019 8h00 – 10h00
Grade 8 – 11 4 December 2019 8h00 – 10h00
Grade 12 January 2020 An sms will be send to parents with the date and time.

Learners that gave notice in time will receive the transfer card with the report.  No transfer cards will be printed on the days when reports are handed out.  It is all done in advance. 

Files that have been handed over due to arrears will be with the Collection Attorneys.  They will be at school on the days mentioned above.  The reports of those files handed over will be issued by them and not the school/teacher.  The will be in the class next to the office. 


The school will be closing on the 4th of December at 10h00.  Please make sure that you collect your report on the date stipulated above.  The office will only be open for new enrolment and not for handing out reports.  Learners that did not collect their report on the date stipulated will have to come and collect it only on the Friday after the school has re-opened.

The school will re-open for the learners on the 15 January 2020.  All learners must wear the correct uniform and have ALL stationery ready on the first day.

GRADE 8 (2020) DAY:

The grade 8 learners will be enjoying a welcoming day on the 11th of January 2020.  It is a Saturday and it will be held at Avenue on Iris.  Please make sure your grade 8 learner attend this day with all the teachers involved with your child.   For more info you are welcome to contact Mrs. Marget Smit, 012 5270614 each day between 07h15 – 12h00.


Parents must only use the main gate for dropping off or picking up learners.  This is for security purposes. 


Grade R 26 November 2019
Grade 1 27 November 2019
Grade 2 28 November 2019
Grade 3 29 November 2019

All open days will be from 8h00 till 10h00.  Bus drivers will assemble at the main gate in the waiting area.  Please make sure you know which bus NUMBER your child will be travelling with.  It makes it so much easier if they know on which bus to climb. 

Class lists will be on the notice boards at the gate and the student council will be available to help you find the class.  If you already paid for your stationery, it will be in the class.  Please just sign the list in the class that you have received the stationery for your child.  Make sure your child know the class and the teacher for 2020.  You will also receive an information letter from the class teacher.


It is during holiday times that some kids get involved in gangs, or other illegal activities that will have a very negative influence not only on their families but also on their future.  Please warn your child about the negative influence social media has and that anything they say on social media about someone else or the school can result in legal action.  We do ask that you make sure to know where you child is all the time and that you will make use of this time to spend quality and quantity time with your children.  There are many things that will be learned at school, but the most important and basic stuff needs to be learned at home by the parents.  Remember that the teachers at school are only an extension to education but the parents are the main care givers and “teacher” of the learners.  Education never stops and has no time limit.  For our kids to excel we need to constantly educate them in every way possible.


Mr. JS Diedericks

Operational Principal