Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 27 | TERM 4 – 2019

Good day


Well it is the end of the year and the only fees still outstanding is November 2020.  Thank you for all those parents that already paid the fees in full.  We really appreciate it very much.

Those that did not yet paid the November fees, please do so before or on the 3rd of November.


All learners are busy with exam now.

The last day the bus will pick up and drop off learners will be the 22nd of November 2019.  The grade 12 learners that are still writing after the 22nd of November must make use of own transport to and from school.  Please make sure your child is on time for every paper after the 22nd of November.


The Mini science show for Grade 1 – 3 learners will be on the 19th of November 2019.

Last payment date is 15 November 2019.  If you did not yet pay for the show, please send the money to the register teacher before or on the 15th of November 2019.


We urge you to buy stationery in time.  Many times books are out of print or stock and then learners fall behind in home work due to the fact that they don’t have a text book.

We merely suggest that you can buy from the following suppliers, but you can buy from any supplier that will be stocking textbooks.   Grade R to grade 3 stationery will be available at school.  We will inform you as soon as the stock arrived.

Protea Bookshop, Church Street, 210 Du Toit Street Apollo Centre, shop 6.

Telephone:  012 320 0793


Fruition Projects:

Email:   Thabo Chabalala,

These suppliers will be at school on 2 different days to sell text books to parents.  We will inform you about the dates and times later during this term.

We don’t take any responsibility for these suppliers, we merely suggest that you can buy from them.  Second hand books can be bought from previous years learners.  That is a private deal between learners or parents and not the school.  There are many other suppliers that also stock the stationery and books that you can make use of.  We as school don’t take any responsibility for any textbooks outstanding from suppliers or money paid and books not received. 


 The following were complaints from parents and learners which were mentioned during the past whole school evaluation:

  1. Fees too high – We are one of the Independent schools with the lowest fees.  Also take in consideration that learners receive free transport to certain areas.
  2. Tuckshop – Many asked for more variety to eat.  We will change this next year.
  3. Subjects offered – We did offer other subjects, but we had to stop those due to lack of interest.
  4. Uniform – Parents complain it is too expensive.  We cannot determine the prices.  Remember you can buy some items like pants and socks from cheaper stores.  Next year we will allow high school girls to also wear long black pants.  High school girls and high school boys may then wear the long black pants with plain black socks (no pattern or wording on sock).
  5. Bullying – Please don’t see every small incident as “bullying”.  We will always investigate every compliant, but in most cases the child who complain that he/she is being bullied also had a share in the incident.
  6. Parents meetings – We will make sure all parents are invited every term.  Any other suggestion or complaint can be sent via email to the school.
  7. Transport – We had a meeting with the bus owners to discuss problems with overloading, being rude, come late etc.
  8. Shade and seats – We are already working on a plan to give learners more seats with shade.
  9. Toilets – We will start with renovations and improvements in the toilets.  Please always remember there are hundreds of learners going through every day.  Children must also be educated on basic rules at home.
  10. Activities – Once our sports field has been upgraded we will increase the activities.
  11. Sports field – A definite next priority.  We are now busy with the following projects:
  12. Paving of bus entrance right down to the bottom gate (A huge expensive project done in three phases)
  13. Replacing old classes – A two phase project – Last classes will be done by end November.  19 classes in total.
  14. Upgrading Grade R playground
  15. Upgrading sports field – will be done during 2020


Mr. JS Diedericks

Operational Principal