Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 27 | TERM 4 – 2018

Good day


23 November 2018Buses will pick up and drop off learners for the last time in 2018.   Last day of exam/school.
23 November 2018Grade R GRADUATION CEREMONY:  8H00   Ceremony will take place at Avenue of Iris (opposite school). Grade R learners will receive their reports today.
26 November 2018Open day for new grade 1, 2 and 3 learners:  12h30 – 14h00
27 November 2018Open day for new enrolled grade R learners:  8h30 – 10h00
30 November 2018Reports Grade 1 – 9
6 December 2018Reports Grade 10 & 11
7 December 2018School closes officially until 7 January 2019

When the school is out the school and its management will not be taking any responsibility for any learner anymore.  If your child is making use of bus transport, it stays your responsibility as a parent to make sure that your child cross the street safely or walk safely home from where the bus dropped your child.  The bus owners and school will not be responsible for your child safety after the bus dropped them off.  Learners that are staying behind waiting for their transport are there at own risk.  That is why we said that all learners need to be picked up when school is out every day.

GRADE 10/2018:
We have explained in a previous letter that we have 3 grade 9 classes but only 2 grade 10 classes.  We are very strict and therefore can’t allow late registration for grade 10 for next year.  We also just want to bring it under your attention again, that if a grade 10 learner fails at the end of the year, such learner WILL NOT BE TAKEN BACK for the following year.  We don’t have space in the grade.

Due to the fact that we are experiencing so many problems with cell phones at school we have decided to BAN all cell phones and watches from school.  If a child has a cell phone it will be confiscated immediately.  We will not allow learners to victimize each other or teachers or any other staff.  We will act immediately to root out this problem that is taking the world by storm.  We will not allow our learners and parents to fall in the traps that are set by these vigilanties.  NO CELL PHONES AT ALL.

We do ask that each parent make sure that your child is properly dressed for the full duration of the exam.  Make sure that they obey ALL RULES regarding hair, nails, uniform and exam.  Learners that disobey rules will be send home immediately.  We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to disobedience and disregard of rules.  We will not allow any learner to make a mockery of the exam or teacher or fellow learner.  Such learner will be dealt with immediately.

We do ask that you as parent make sure that your child study thoroughly for each exam paper.  Ask them questions, let them work out previous year’s exam papers for revision after they have studied.  Check on them regularly when they sit in their room and study.  Make sure they are well rested, and motivate them every day.

We have addressed this problem ample times, but still there are parents leaving their kids at school until the odd hours of day.  If you can’t arrange that your child be picked up directly after school or if you can’t do it yourself, please put your child in after care that they can fetch your child before 14h30 and on a Friday before 13h30.  We DON’T HAVE AN AFTER CARE AND WE DON’T TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR LEARNERS STAYING BEHIND using own transport.


Grade R – 3 stationery packets are available at school.  Grade 4 – 12 stationery can be bought from Thabo.  He will be having a pop up shop here at school so you can purchase the correct text books and other stationery from him.  Tel 0614967475.  He has the lists for every grade and knows what your child will need for the following academic year.

You can purchase the school uniform from Silver Cross, Madelief Centre, Pretoria-North.

We do ask that the boys’ pants are the correct length.  Many boys are wearing pants that is at the ankle and that is way too short.  We are very proud of our uniform and 99,9% of our learners are also very proud.  But the rest needs to attend to their uniform, it is too small and sometimes very dirty.  Make sure that you buy the correct uniform.  Learners will be send home if they don’t have the correct uniform on and if they don’t obey the school rules.

We have completed our re-registration process already in the beginning of October 2018.  Some learners’ spaces were cancelled for 2019.  We have taken these learners off the system the moment that the letter was send out by the school to the parents.  If you did not send back the re-registration form your child’s space were cancelled and were given to some else for 2019.  Charlton Vos are almost 100% full, we are only taking in learners in grade 1 and R.

Please use your family code when making a payment.  All grade R parents will be getting an sms and a letter with payment instructions for 2019.  Grade 1 – 11 learners will use the same family code next year as they did during 2018.

As you know there are many different kinds of drugs and dangerous drinks on the market and also freely available to kids.  This is becoming a huge problem and many times our own kids are falling for this “feeling” or want to be ‘in” with the cool kids and then they use it just to make their own life hell.  Most of these energy drinks, contains a VERY HIGH % of caffeine and that make them hyperactive at school.  These kids are then the ones that are causing problems and getting out of hand.  Parents need to make sure that their children are not using this, and explain to them the consequences of it.  It can be FATAL!!!!!!  Many learners are getting ignorant and we at CVC will not tolerate any strange, intimidating or dangerous attitudes or actions.  Learners will obey the rules or will be deregistered immediately for the safety of our teachers, staff and learners.


Mr. JS  Diedericks