Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 25 | TERM 4 – 2018

Good day

Welcome back after a very short break.  We hope and trust that you also had some valuable time with your children.  Term 4 is very short but extremely important.  It is exam time!!!!


18 October 2018Reports go out today Gr R – 12
19 October 2018Prize giving ceremony (Invitation only)
18 October 2018Parents day Gr R  INVITATION ONLY   14h15 – 16h00
22 October 2018Parents day  Gr 1 – 3  INVITATION ONLY   14h15 – 16h00
23 October 2018Parents day Gr 4 – 7 INVITATION ONLY   14h15 – 16h00
24 October 2018Parents day Gr 8 – 11 INVITATION ONLY   14h15 – 16h00
25 October 2018Gr. 8 – 11 SUN CITY TRIP   Leaves from Wonderpark and will be dropped off at Wonderpark Shopping centre again. All arrangements and times were given in the letter that went out last term.
Last week of October 2018Exam starts   Final dates will be given soon

GRADE 10/2018:
We have explained in a previous letter that we have 3 grade 9 classes but only 2 grade 10 classes.  We are very strict and therefore can’t allow late registration for grade 10 for next year.  We also just want to bring it under your attention again, that if a grade 10 learner fails at the end of the year, such learner WILL NOT BE TAKEN BACK for the following year.  We don’t have space in the grade.

No cell phone will be allowed in class or on the premises or during the exam.  They have to obey the rules concerning cell phones.  Check the diary for more information.  We don’t take any responsibility for stolen or lost phones.  Learners are not allowed to wear Smart watches or any watch that can go on the internet.  We have some learners using these watches during test and exam time.  These watches rings in the class while teaches are busy – NO SMART WATCHES.

Congratulations to Teacher Monique Coetzer who got married during the holiday.  We know that God will bless the 2 of you in abundance.  She is now Teacher Monique de Klerk.

We do ask that each parent make sure that your child is properly dressed for the full duration of the exam.  Make sure that they obey ALL RULES regarding hair, nails, uniform and exam.  Learners that disobey rules will be send home immediately.  We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to disobedience and disregard of rules.  We will not allow any learner to make a mockery of the exam or teacher or fellow learner.  Such learner will be dealt with immediately.

We do ask that you as parent make sure that your child study thoroughly for each exam paper.  Ask them questions, let them work out previous year’s exam papers for revision after they had study.  Check on them regularly when they sit in their room and study.  Make sure they are well rested, and motivate them every day.


Mr. JS  Diedericks