Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 23 | TERM 3 – 2022

Good day


Just a friendly reminder that your school fees for August had to be paid in full by the 3rd of August.  If you did not settle your account yet, do so immediately. 


Thank you to all the parents that already handed in the re-registration form to the office.  We need to finalize our planning for 2023 soon. 

Unfortunately, some learners will not be re-registered for 2023 due to bad discipline or very poor academic performance.  Remember that learners Gr 9 – 10 failing at the end of the year will not be re-admitted in 2023. (Due to limited space)

Foreign learners using study permits must make sure that the study permit is still valid.  If not, your child will not be registered for the next academic year.  Study permit must be for at least one academic year.  All need to be submitted by the due date for re-registration.  No late re-registration with study permits will be accepted.


There was an article in Business News about the schools, Public and Private, that had 100% for the past 5 years.  There were only 91 schools in the whole of South Africa that achieve that, and Charlton Vos was one of them.  Although we had 100% more than 5 years in a row.  We are also the only school in the district, Tshwane West, that had 100% the past 5 years.

We are very proud and would like to thank our dedicated staff for the tremendous roll they played in making it possible.  Also to our learners that worked hard and put in a huge effort throughout the years.  THANK YOU!!!!!   And that is the reason why Charlton Vos is the cream of the crop!


We are experiencing a problem with arrogant, naughty learners.  Learners that don’t have respect for teachers and fellow learners.  This is something that you as parents must please address at home.  Such learners will be receiving letters and will not be able to re-register at CVC for 2023.  We are not going to tolerate any problems anymore.  It seems like some learners are not willing to follow rules and here at our school there are rules and all will follow the rules and respect fellow learners and staff. 


Reminder of the following days:

Monday 8 AugustSchool holiday
Tuesday 9 AugustWoman’s day


A reminder that no parent is allowed to climb on the bus and reprimand any learner.  Any problems should be reported to the school.

Mr. JS Diedericks