Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 23 | TERM 3 – 2021

Good day to all parents

We hope and trust that all are still healthy and are focusing on staying positive during this time.  We are grateful to be alive and to have a family.  Let us praise the Lord for keeping us safe.


We have enrolled many learners from Grade 1 to 7 into this competition.  All the work are so beautiful and special.  We hold thumbs for all of you.


All grade 9 parents will receive a letter soon regarding subject choices for next year.  If you gave notice or did not return the re-registration form, pls don’t send the subject choice form back.  Those learners were taken off the list for application for 2022.


We have a problem with learners forgetting tasks, stationery and homework at home.  Then parents drop it at security to take it to the class.  The security can’t take all this to the classes.  If a learner forgot something at home, it must then wait until tomorrow.  The security can’t take any responsibility for stuff that was left at home.  Make sure your child pack his/her bag the previous evening to make sure they remember everything for the day.  Learners need to take responsibility for their own actions.  That is how they learn.


Learners are not allowed to wear beanies anymore.  Summer hats are available in the office. 

Cost:  R 100.00

They buy it in the office.

BUS TRANSPORT (previous letters)

We are still experiencing problems on the bus with learners misbehaving or damaging property in the bus .  As we explained previously, we have a ZERO tolerance attitude against learners misbehaving or damaging property, and such learners will be taken off the bus permanently.  This is not negotiable.  Please remind your child to behave on the bus.  If a learner is taken off the bus, such learner’s parents will have to arrange alternative transport to and from school every day. 


The diary specify clearly how the learners must dress.  The boys can wear the skinny pants, but ONLY the ones bought from Silver Cross.  Many boys are tailoring their own pants and its way to tight.  Some girls’ skirts are way to short. Please make sure that your girl’s skirt is the right length.  We will not allow it at all.  Some boys’ pants are also to short.  Please make sure that your child is properly dressed every day.  If they are not, they will be taken out and we will phone the parents to bring other clothes or the fetch them from school.  The rules also give clear indication on hairstyles, nails, jewellery etc.

Make sure you read all the rules in the diary and obey them. 

PARENTS MUST PLEASE MAKE SURE before your son leaves home that he is clean shaven.  Read the school rules.


As from 1st of September all learners must start wearing Summer Uniform.  NO BEANIES anymore.  Make sure that your child has the correct summer uniform on from the 1st of September.  Visit Silver Cross early to purchase the summer uniform if your child’s uniform is too small or if you did not yet bought it.


Learners can’t do PT in their school uniform.  Make sure that your child wears the correct PT uniform on days of PT.  No other tracksuit pants or jackets except those prescribed for PT may be worn.


We have spoken about cell phones a few times, but there are still learners that are misusing the cell phone during school hours.  No cell phone, no ear phones are allowed at all.  Check the diary for rules about cell phones.  We have a ZERO tolerance policy.


Learners with good morals and values are learners who respect other people and do well in life.  They tend to excel in their work and are happy learners.

Unfortunately, we do have some unruly learners at school, which is creating a problem for us as teachers.  They are behind in homework, disrupt the class, are naughty on the bus.  We as school can’t tolerate this at all.  We have a responsibility towards other learners that are serious about work and performing well.  Unruly, bad behaved learners will be dealt with immediately so that education can take place in a calm and encouraging environment.  We do ask that you speak to your child about good and bad discipline and behaviour, at school and on the bus.  It saddens us to see how some learners are not listing at all.  Parents need to be stricter to avoid that some learners are lost along the way.


We do ask that you still adhere to all rules and regulations regarding Covid.  Sanitize and wear your mask.


There are rules in place for a reason.  All rules are clearly set out in the diary that each learner received in the beginning of the year.  It stays the responsibility of the parent to make sure that all learners are dressed according to the school rules and that all other rules are followed promptly.  Teachers are not at school to teach basic discipline rules, that is done at home.  We would like to thank all those parents that are taking our hands and help form each individual learner to become the best adult and citizen one day.  We are NOT GOING TO TOLERATE ANY PROBLEMS (bad behaviour, not correctly dressed, not obeying rules) ANYMORE.  Parents will be contacted to come and fetch problem learners immediately at school.  We have been lenient long enough and Covid is not an excuse.

Mr.JS Diedericks