Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 22 | TERM 3 – 2020

Good day


As you know the Preparatory Exam started last week Friday for our Grade 12 learners.  We wish them luck and hope and trust that they will make sure they are thoroughly prepared for every paper.  The grade 12 teachers made sure they are well prepared for this exam.


If your child shows any flu symptoms please keep them at home until they are healthy again.  DON’T send your child to school if they are ill. 


From the 1st of September when the school re-opened for term 3, ALL LEARNERS must be wearing the correct uniform.  No other jackets, beanies, or clothing will be allowed.  It is getting warmer now so NO more beanies.  Please make sure you purchase the correct uniform and that your child is dressed according to school rules.  Learners with wrong uniform will be send home or parents will be contacted to bring the correct uniform to school asap.  Make sure your child has the correct PT uniform, available at Silver Cross. 


Tintswalo MkhabelaneKagi KutumelaKudzi CindiOmolemo Menyuku
Lesedi MakgathulelaXolani ButheleziGontle MahlanguThato Kgamo
Thorisa MoepyeLesego ShoyisaKhanya MonarengTasha Letsau


It is very important that your child wears his/her masks at all times.  Wearing a mask prevent the spreading of the Corona Virus.  Also thank you for keeping social distance and washing hands / sanitizing regularly. 


It is becoming warmer now and with the arrangement of own transport learners waiting on the lawn in front it is necessary to ask the parents, taxi or crèche to fetch these learners immediately after school is out.  They are sitting in the sun and some of the transportation is coming late.  We therefore ask that you make sure that your child is picked up not later than 14h05 or on a Friday 13h05 to avoid them waiting long when it is so hot.  It will also help when it is raining when school is out.  They have to remember to bring an umbrella on the days they forecast rain.  We need to keep social distancing.


We would like to thank all the parents that have sent in the re-registration forms before the due date.  Thank you also for the payment of re-registration fee for 2021.  Those parents that did not yet send back the form must please do so before or on Tuesday 21 September 2020.  We are having many parents that would like to enrol at CVC due to the fact that many other schools haven’t done much work or are still not functioning at all.  CVC has been working throughout the lockdown period and that is why we as school are standing out and are way ahead of many other schools.  Falling behind has a huge influence on learners for the next academic year.  But CVC learners will start the New Year immediately without any problems or learners being behind.  We would like to thank all our parents that have taken our hands and helped us to make this uncertain and upside down year a huge success for our learners.  They are the cream of the crop.


Charlton Vos College learners are well prepared for the final exam.  We still have some work to complete during term 3 and beginning term 4.  Our learners will be writing an exam in every subject at the end of this year.  We strive to achieve the highest sport in life and our learners will succeed and reach their goals at the end of grade 12.

Parents must make sure that your child/ren are doing their homework and studying for every single test now during term 3. 

Regards Principal