Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 2 | TERM 1 – 2020

Good day


Please make sure that you child is wearing the correct uniform.  It is available at Silver Cross, 248 Eeufees street, Pretoria-North.  For PT – Physical Training – they have to wear the Vossie black short with the PT golf shirt.  The school’s PT tracksuit pant is also available from Silver Cross.  No other tracksuit pant will be allowed, so please make sure you buy the correct PT uniform.  They are only allowed to wear the PT uniform when the teacher tells them they will be doing exercises outside. 

When a learner is not dressed correctly, such learner’s parent will be contacted to bring the correct uniform.  We will not tolerate any incorrect uniform.

The grade 12 learners are not wearing the white pull over anymore   It has been changed 3 years ago, to the one with buttons in front, which is available at Silver Cross.  Please don’t buy the white pull over for your grade 12 learner.  It is discontinued long ago.

Silver Cross is stocking the newest school uniform for Charlton Vos, they also know what your child needs and what you need to buy.  There are many other people and stockist selling our uniform, but they didn’t liaise with us and do not sell the correct uniform.  We have informed you via sms about this in the beginning of the year as well as December last year.  


The Grade RR, Grade R and grade 1 learners had their school photos taken last week. 

Grade 2 – grade 710 February in school hall
Grade 8 – grade 1211 February in school hall

The photographer will send out order forms after the 11th of February for Grade RR to Grade 12.  Make sure you put the right amount of money in an envelope with the order form and send it back to school.  Due date will be given as soon as we receive the order forms.


February 2020’s school fees must be paid by the 3rd of February 2020.  We do ask that you do so promptly.  All learners did receive an account already for January and February 2020.


There are still parents that drop their learners off late at school.  Late comers are disturbing the class when coming into period 1 late.  Therefore they will not be allowed to enter the class while the teachers are busy.  They will be kept in the waiting area and will only go to class with the start of period 2.

School hours:

Bell rings at 7h40, period starts at 7h45.

When the first bell rings all learners need to be lined up in front of period 1 class.


Learners are not allowed to use their cell phones at school.  If a learner is guilty, such learner’s cell phone will be confiscated.  Please make sure you read the rules in the diary that clearly stipulates that cell phones will not be allowed at all.

A study has shown that learners that are constantly on their phones, talking, playing games, listening to music are not performing to the best of their ability.  Parents need to be very strict with their children when it comes to cell phone use.  Some learners are very tired during the day, because the chat on the cell phone till late in the night without parents even knowing it.


Bus transport is a subcontracted free service.  It is not compulsory for your child to make use of the bus transport, and therefore if it is going to be easier to transport your child yourself you are more than welcome to do so.  We have set rules for the bus transport and you as parents and the learners need to respect it.  For any problems contact Madibana/Osiame Shikoane, 082 379 1091.  There are private transport also available (arrange yourself with these drivers) if you would like to rather make use of private transport.

All learners need to be fetched from school not later than 14h30.  WE DON’T HAVE AN AFTERCARE AND THE SECURITY AND SCHOOL ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR CHILD AFTER 14H30.  FRIDAYS NOT LATER THAN 13H30.


Primary school learners may wear casual clothes on their birthday.  If you are going to send party stuff to school, please send cupcakes and not a whole cake.  Cutting it is difficult.  If you are providing cold drink remember to send disposable cups with.  We don’t provide glasses for parties.


We do ask that all parents take the hands of the teachers and help them to strengthen the circle of learning.  There are already learners not doing their homework.  And as you know homework is of cardinal importance to help each learner to understand the work explained that day.  Homework also help them when learning for a test or exam and completing assignments.  It stays the responsibility of each parent to make sure that all homework is done for the next day.  Homework not done leads to a learner falling behind.  This can’t be tolerated.  Draw up a schedule for your child when to start with homework and to study – FOR EACH DAY!!!!!


We have some boys that are wearing the wrong uniform pants.  They can wear the skinny pants, BUT ONLY THE ONES YOU BOUGHT AT SILVER CROSS.  No other self-tailored or other skinny pants will be allowed.  Make sure they are properly dressed when they leave for school in the mornings.

There are set rules in the school and all learners, parents and staff need to adhere to these rules.  We will not have several sets of rules to keep some happy.  Learners that don’t obey the rules of the school will get a warning letter immediately. 

We are not going to tolerate any disruptions or disrespect towards anybody here at Charlton Vos College. 

We are a Christian school with Christian principles and therefore we respect each other.


All learners must have all the necessary stationery and textbooks by now.  If your child is still without it make sure you get it this weekend.  Not having a book hampers the learner in progressing and such learner’s home work will also be behind.


All the grades had their Interhouse Athletics Meetings and the learners really enjoyed it so much.  Thank you to all the teachers and learners for making it such a wonderful experience. 


Dates were given last week for the different days parents are expected to be here at school to meet the different teachers.  We have also send out a sms indicating the different days and times.

Thank you for the Grade RR, R, 4, 5, 6 & 7 parents that did attend the first parent’s information day.

Grade 13 February 202014h15 – 16h00
Grade 24 February 202014h15 – 16h00
Grade 35 February 202014h15 – 16h00
 Grade 810 February 202014h15 – 16h00
Grade 911 February 202014h15 – 16h00
Grade 10 – Grade 1213 February 202014h15 – 16h00


3 FebruarySchool fees for February must be paid 
4 FebruaryPhotography club meeting Lawn at entranceMrs. L. Hennop
7 FebruaryBible Quiz Grade 4 – 12Teacher Rudo Mukiwa
14 FebruaryValentine’s day Grade 4 – 12Student Council
21 FebruaryStatements will go out to all learners 
27 FebruaryCake SaleMrs. L. Hennop
3 MarchSchool fees for March must be paid 
6 MarchCivvie day Gr RR – grade 12Student Council
7 MarchPublic Speaking Grade 8 – Grade 12 At Avenue on Iris (opposite school)Teacher K. Kau & Teacher S. Cha
14 MarchRedenaars Grade 8 – Grade 12 At Avenue on Iris (opposite school)Teacher M. Lourens & Teacher M. Smit
14 MarchPublic speaking Grade 4 – 7 At Charlton Vos in school hallTeacher R. vd Merwe & Teacher L. Rossouw
13 MarchHappy Island outing – High School Bus leaving from Wonderpark Builders Parking Lot at 06h45Co-ordinator teacher:  Me M. Smit All High School teachers
17 MarchPhotography club meeting Lawn at entranceMrs. L. Hennop
20 MarchSchool closes Statements will go out to all learners 
31 MarchSchool re-opens for Term 2/2020 

Yours sincerely,

Mr. JS Diedericks

Operational Principal