Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 2 | TERM 1 – 2021

Good day to all parents

We are so blessed and therefore we would like to give thanks to our Mighty Lord, Jesus Christ, and all the parents for the excellent manner in which all learners were dropped off or picked up at school and at the bus stops.  All learners are now at school and we are already hard at work with the first terms work and assignments.  


Grade RR & R Grade 1 Group 111 FebruaryFull school uniform
Grade 1 Group 212 FebruaryFull school uniform
Grade 2 – Grade 124 MarchFull school uniform
Grade 2 – Grade 125 MarchFull school uniform


All learners must have all stationery by now.  If your child doesn’t have the text books yet, make sure you get them ASAP.  They get homework and tasks that must be completed from the text book.  Learners are not allowed to share any stationery or text books at all (Covid).


All learners did receive a school diary.  Please read through it and complete and sign on the relevant pages.  Learners must have the diary at school every day. 


This time table were handed out on Tuesday and Wednesday.  All learners received a hard copy and it was posted on the whats app groups.  If you did not get one, please contact the class teacher ASAP. 


Make sure that your child is wearing the correct school uniform every day.  Check before they leave home.  Regular inspections will take place at school. 


All fees are payable before or on the 3rd of each month.  If you did not pay your February 2021 school fees yet, please do so ASAP.

We also want to make use of this opportunity to thank all the parents that have already paid on time.  We really appreciate it.


Charlton Vos has all procedures in place to make our school safe.  We ask all to obey all rules to stay safe.  Make sure your child remains at home after school.  If you have to go out, wear your mask and keep social distancing at all times.

We remind you to sanitize regularly and wear your mask.  To keep social distancing also help prevent the spread of the virus.

Please put an extra mask in your child’s bag. (Mark the mask clearly)


If you pick your child up after school, make sure to keep social distancing outside of the school premises.  We are not responsible for any person outside of the school premises.  Wear your mask and sanitize.  It is in the best interest of our children and parents that we at all times adhere to these rules.


If you really need to visit the school, we will only allow one parent per child into the office.  We ask that you phone the school, send an email or whats app the teacher or write a note in the diary.  This is for the safety of parents, staff and learners.  Teachers are only available on whats app until 15h00 every afternoon, then only again in the mornings from 7h00.


If your child is not feeling well or have flu symptoms, please take him/her to the doctor immediately.  Keep them at home until they are well again.  Communicate with the teacher so that your child can get all the work until he/she returns to school again.  It is a very good idea to have your child take vitamins every day to boost their immune system.  If a child is ill, it is not to say that he/she has COVID, but it is important to take them to the doctor or keep them at home until they are well again.  There are other illnesses that is also going around (normal flu, normal colds, allergies etc)


We would like to thank Osiame and his team for the excellent service they render to us.  Our learners are happy and that makes us happy.  For any queries regarding bus transport, please phone Osiame Shikoane on 0790871672.


GDE sent out a new final calendar for the Government schools.  Please take note that Charlton Vos has slightly different terms from the government schools.  Make sure you diarize these dates.  WE WILL STILL FOLLOW OUR OWN DATES AS SET OUT IN THE TABLE BELOW AND IN PREVIOUS LETTERS.

Term 113 January 2021 – 31 March 2021
Term 213 April 2021 – 25 June 2021 CVC break 26 April – 30 April
Term 319 July 2021 – 23 September 2021
Term 45 October 2021 – 8 December 2021


We encourage parents to rather email or phone the school for any queries.  This is to avoid the spreading of the virus and to keep all safe.  If really necessary we will make an appointment with you only after school.

Ms Heidi vd MerweFees and
Me Rita LabuschagneReception and
Mr Hanno
Me Annerita SteynHOD Grade RR & Grade
Me Sune Swart Me Nadine NixonHOD’s Foundation Phase Grade 1 – Grade
Me Rina vd MerweHOD Intermediate Phase Grade 4 – Grade
Me Francis SwartHOD Senior Phase Grade 8 – Grade
Me Kgomotso KauHOD FET Phase Grade 10 – Grade


Monday – Thursday7h40 – 14h00Learners using own transport must be picked up by 14h15
Fridays7h40 – 13h00Learners using own transport must be picked up by 13h15

All learners must be at school at 7h30.  The gates will be closing at 7h40.  Learners coming after 7h40 will be kept in the waiting area until the end of the first period, then they can go to class.  We do ask that you make sure to drop off your child on time.

If your child is making use of own transport after school, make sure your child is picked up before the times mentioned above.  Learners are kept in the waiting area for 15 minutes after school.  Please make the necessary arrangements with the taxi after care to be on time.


We would like to thank each staff member, parent and learner for excellent work.  The school is running as a well-oiled machine and we can just thank God for all the blessings.  

Regards and enjoy your weekend.

Mr.JS Diedericks