Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 2 | TERM 1 – 2018

Good day

Hope and trust that you had a wonderful week so far?  Time is flying and it is already the second month of the year.  There are so many things to do and so little time, but we work hard to achieve all our goals for this term.

We have given important info through in the first letter for this year.  Please make sure that you familiarize yourself with that and also of the important rules and regulations of the diary.  Hope you have signed the pages in the diary that are extremely important.

All learners must be at school not later than 07h30.  The first bell will ring at 07h40 and then all must be in their classes.  We start with period one, except on the day they are writing test, then we start with the test period.

Monday to Thursday:  07h40 – 14h00

Friday:   07h40 – 13h00

Believe it or not, but there are still parents bringing their children late to school.  We have decided to send such learners back home for the day.  They come late and disrupt the class.  Also make sure you collect your child not later that 14h15 from Monday to Thursday and not later than 13h15 on a Friday.  If your child is not going to make use of the School bus then you need to inform the taxi, own transport or after care that they need to obey the times promptly to avoid action.  Learners will be outside and we as school will not take any responsibility for any learner after school is out.  Gates will be closed at 14h15 and only extra class learners will be on the premises, others will be outside the gates.  We WILL NOT TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY LEARNER AFTER SCHOOL IS OUT EVERYDAY.

All school fees for February 2018 must be paid on or before the 3rd of February 2018.  Late payments will result in penalties.  Learners behind in school fees will not be able to make use of the bus transport and drivers will get a list and those learners must be transported by their parents mornings and afternoons.

We at Charlton Vos College adhere to rules and we have a ZERO tolerance attitude when it comes to discipline.  It is the responsibility of the parent to instil the importance of rules in the children.  We have already phoned some parents of learners not behaving in class or being disrespectful towards other learners and teachers.  We will not allow any child to dictate to us what to do.

We will be sending out a form that you as parent must please go through and rectify any mistakes using a RED pen.  Make sure that we can read your email address.  There are many email addresses that we can’t load because we can’t make out what is written there.  Also check the telephone numbers that we don’t have a problem in case of an emergency.

This is one of our biggest concern and headaches.  We do understand that some parents need their children to phone them when at home, but they are not allowed to use their cell phone on the school premises/during school hours.  If we find them disobeying this rule, the phone will be confiscated and can only be retrieved after 3 months.  Cell phones are becoming a huge hazard in our society and many children and adults have been caught in situations that lead to embarrassment or other worse case scenarios.   Parents need to check their children’s cell phones on a regular basis to avoid these above mentioned situations taking place.  We as teachers are doing our best to inform them about the negative sides of sending messages or looking at unsafe and harmful images and videos, but at the end it remains the parents responsibility to keep your child out of harm’s way.  When a learner is found with harmful or pornography items on the phone, such learner can be expelled immediately.  This is a bad influence for other learners in the school and we will deal with it in a very serious manner.  NO LEARNER MAY USE A CELL PHONE DURING SCHOOL HOURS OR ON THE SCHOOL PREMISES!!


GRADE 7Leader camp2 Feb – 4 FebDie HoekieLeaving directly afterschoolSunday at 12h00
GRADE 8Orientation camp2 Feb – 4 FebGrootvleiLeaving at 09h00Sunday at 10h30

We do ask that upon arrival, parents must go directly to the register class or then the subject teacher they would like to see.

Please come on the days that is specific for a grade.  Other grades will not be here or they will be busy with extra classes or meetings.

Grade R26 February 201814h15 – 17h00Register class
Grade 127 February 201814h15 – 17h00Register class
Grade 228 February 201814h15 – 17h00Register class
Grade 31 March 201814h15 -17h00Register class
Grade 45 March 201814h15 – 17h00Subject teachers
Grade 56 March 201814h15 – 17h00Subject teachers
Grade 6 & Grade 77 March 201814h15 – 17h00Subject teachers
Grade 8 – Grade 128 March 201814h15 – 17h00Subject teachers

Yours sincerely,

Mr. JS Diedericks
Operational Principal