Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 19 | TERM 2 – 2022

Good day


Please make sure that your account is up to date.  All fees need to be paid by the 3rd of every month. 

Learners with outstanding fees did receive letters with specific instructions.  Please make sure that you adhere to these instructions.


School will be closed on Thursday 16 June and Friday 17 June.

School will be closing on the Friday 24 June for the Winter holidays.  School will be out at 10h00.  Please make the necessary arrangements.  All learners using own transport must be fetched NOT LATER THAN 10H15.


It is exam time, so no learner must wear their PT uniform.  There is no PT taking place now.

Learners are not allowed to wear a nose ring at all.  Girls are allowed to only wear one correct ear ring.  Boys must shave, even if they wear a mask.  Also refer to rules regarding uniform and boys’ pants.  Please make sure your child is correctly dressed before leaving home.


We would like to thank 99% of our learners for good behaviour at school and on the bus every day.  We are very proud of you.

We do still have the 1% that are really a problem and that we will not be taking back next year due to discipline problems.  We have sent out several letters to the parents and also spoken to parents.  Some learners are just not listening and also, they don’t realize the urgency of the situation they are in.  We also have an obligation towards teachers and other learners to make sure that the learning environment is conducive for all.


Please check your child’s phone on a regular basis.  Remember that if any illegal stuff is found on your child’s phone, you as parent stays responsible for it.


There are serious problems in the area with drugs and medication which leaners can buy over the counter.  They buy cough medication and pills and mix it with cold drink.  Check their bags on a regular basis or do a drug test now and then, to make sure.  Also look out for muffins with dagga (space cakes).

Remind your child not to eat / drink anything offered to them.  If we test a child and he/she test positive for illegal substances, he/she will be suspended until a negative test is handed in.


The learners will receive their 2nd term reports when the school re-opens. 

Mr. JS Diedericks