Charlton Vos


Good day

The grade 12 learners will commence with their exams on Tuesday, 21 August.  We wish them luck, but that said, we know that each teacher did put in a tremendous amount of effort with each grade 12 learner.  They have to do their part now.  We do ask that parents make sure that they spend all their time studying so that they can pass extremely well.

I do think that most of us try to instil Christian values and morals in our kids.  We teach them about respect, loyalty, dignity, integrity etc.  But still we find that some of our young one’s are not seeing the importance of what their parents and teachers are teaching them.  They don’t obey rules, disrespect fellow learners, teachers and other adults.  We are very concern about the manners of some of our learners.  We ask all parents to just once again speak to your child/ren about the above mentioned.

Do you know who your child’s friends are?  What are they doing when they are not at home?  Do you have any control over your child’s coming and going after school or weekends?  Well so many times we find that wrong friends are the reason for some kind of bad behaviour, mischief and careless doings.  The start smoking or using illegal substances to be part of the gang or cool kids.  Some parents only find out when it is too late that their child is part of such wrong and harmful activities.  And it all comes down to choosing or hanging with the wrong crowd.  We do ask that you make sure you know who your child’s friends are and where they are at all times of the day.

Have you checked your child’s assessment programme already??  Make sure you help your child to study or complete assignments on time.  If your child is done preparing for a test, ask them questions about the work they had to study.  You can’t just assume that they know the work and that they will get excellent marks.  It stays the parents’ responsibility to check and re-check.  We as parents can’t be unhappy about the end of the term of year’s results if we didn’t help our child with preparations for the above mentioned.  Then we must be satisfied with what is on the report, whether it is pass or fail.

We are having a huge problem with the above mentioned.  Many parents are sending their child to school already ill.  That is having an influence on the whole class and teacher.  If your child is ill, keep him/her at home until they are better.  We can’t phone the first period or before school to tell you that your child is ill.  We are NOT ALLOWED TO DISPENSE any medicine of any kind.  So if your child is ill keep them at home please.

We will not allow any learner any more to phone for projects, books or lunch left at home.  OR arranging transport.  These learners are out of class and miss important work.  Please explain to your child that if they left something they will have to take it to school the following day.

The office can’t give messages to learners.  If you need to make any arrangements with your child, please do so before they leave in the morning.  They must then already know on which bus to go or what you expect them to do when they arrive home.  Emergencies is something totally different.

No cell phone will be allowed in class or on the premises.  They have to obey the rules concerning cell phones.  Check the diary for more information.

We would like to thank each and every parent that is taking our hands in the upbringing of their children.  It is of the utmost importance that our kids are raised well and that they obey rules and see the importance of the Christian values and morals.  There must always be an open communication channel between school and parent and then the most important open channel is the one between parent and child.  They must know that they can speak to you as parent about anything and any time.  By having a good communication system we as parents will be able to take control of any situation and have a positive outcome at the end.

Enjoy your weekend.