Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 18 | TERM 2 – 2020

Good day


As we have discussed in the previous letter, L17T2/2020, we will be closing for a short break in August.

Please take note of these important dates.

10 AugustPublic HolidayNo school
21 AugustSchool closes todayGroup 2
24 August – 31 AugustSchool holiday for CVCNo school
1 SeptemberSchool re-opensGroup 1
2 September Group 2
3 September Group 1
4 September Group 2

We have decided to re-open on 1 September, so that the groups are equal with the work they are doing.  We don’t want one group to fall behind with any work. 


As from the 1st of September all learners must be back at school.  It is important that all learners attend to have contact teaching in all subjects and we need to be sure that these learners that were absent due to comorbidities are up to date with all their work.  All lockdown learning will stop on the 21st of August.


Everyone must wear a cloth face mask at all times.  Make sure you wash it every day.

Sanitize your hands or wash your hands with soap and water.  Remember to keep social distancing of at least 1.5 meters at all times.  Learners in the bus should wear a mask at all times.

We all need to adhere to these rules to stay safe and healthy.

Learners are not allowed to wear a buff or a scarf or a bandana.  This is for the safety of us all. 


We have mentioned this in many letters and we would like to thank all parents for helping us and our parents and learners to stay healthy and safe.  Thank you for keeping your child at home when they have flu symptoms or if they just don’t feel well.

If your child shows any flu symptoms please keep them at home until they are healthy again.  DON’T send your child to school if they are ill.  This is for the safety of all learners and staff at school.  Make sure your child and family are taking the necessary vitamins and immune system tablets to strengthen your immune system.

If your child was in contact with a person whom TESTED POSITIVE for Covid-19, the child MUST be in isolation for 10 days.  Please contact the teacher and we will arrange the homework for the child.


The school has been deep cleaned on Saturday, 1st of August.  We would like to assure you that we do everything that is humanly possible to keep our learners, teachers and parents safe.