Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 17 | TERM 2 – 2022

Good day


6 June 2022Exam starts today School out at 12h00 as from today
7 June 2022Grade 1 outing:  Eco Pilots School out at 13h00
14 June 2022Grade 2 outing:  The Farmer Corner School out at 13h00
16 June 2022Public Holiday:  Youth Day
17 June 2022School Holiday
24 June 2022School closes


The exam will commence on the 6 June 2022 and from this day the school will be out at 12h00 every day.  Except for the 7th June and 14th June when school will be out at 13h00 – outing days for foundation phase.

SCHOOL FEES: Please make sure that your account is up to date.  All fees need to be paid by the 3rd of every month. 

UNIFORM: We know it is very cold, but learners must still wear the correct winter uniform every day.  We are not going to allow learners with wrong uniform.  These parents will be called to bring the correct uniform or to collect the learner from school.  There are no excuses to wear the wrong uniform, we have mentioned it already in a few newsletters and also announced it to the learners many times.

Learners are not allowed to wear a nose ring at all.  Girls are allowed to only wear one correct ear ring.  Boys must shave, even if they wear a mask.  Also refer to rules regarding uniform and boys’ pants.  Please make sure your child is correctly dressed before leaving home.

Parents dropping off and fetching learners from school every day:

We had several complains from parents dropping off their children and fetching them in the afternoons, that some parents just stop in the middle of the road and blocking the road when picking up or dropping off their kids.  Please park in the designated areas to do that.  Also, parents are complaining that learners are running towards their transport and don’t look left or right.  This is very dangerous.  The security is only responsible for the learner’s safety inside of the premises.  The moment that the learners leave our premises the parents are responsible.  So please park and fetch your child from the waiting area in the afternoons.  All learners must be picked up not later than 14h15.  Please make the necessary arrangements to fetch your child on time.  We do ask that parents will be considerate towards each other when dropping off and picking up learners. 


If a learner is sick during exam, he/she must hand in a letter from a doctor.  If not they will not be able to re-write.


Learners should be warned not to take or buy sweets or other edibles from other learners without investigation first.  Learners use the defence that they unknowingly took the drug when they eat there edibles.  This will not be accepted as a defence or an excuse should they be tested for drug use.

Should a learner test positive for the drug use, he/she will be conditionally suspended until learner can proof he/she is clean (by providing a letter from a doctor’s test)  This will result in a zero for any exam/test/assessment missed during suspension.

Mr. JS Diedericks