Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 16 | TERM 2 – 2021

Good day to all parents

We hope and trust that you are all still safe and healthy.


All learners are now busy with tests/exams.  Make sure that your child is thoroughly prepared for every paper.  If a learner is absent for a specific subject, such learner needs to hand in a doctor’s note before he/she will be allowed to write the sick exam.


If your child is not feeling well or is ill, please keep him/her at home.  Contact the teacher and arrange that your child’s work will be send via email to you.  Learners that show flu/cold symptoms must also stay at home.  There are too many parents that are sending children to school that are coughing.  We can not diagnose a learner therefore we call the parents to take an ill/sick learner to the doctor.   Remember to hand in the proof of a positive test or a letter from the Doctor to write any missed test/s.


Please make sure that your account is up to date.  If you have any queries about your account, send an email to, attention Me Heidi van der Merwe.

It stays your responsibility to make sure that your account is correct.  Check the statement every month to avoid any problems at the end of the year.

It is of utmost importance to use the correct family code when paying school fees.  School fees are allocated to learner account according to family code.  No family code no allocation.  Wrong family code, wrong allocation.  As per contract, interest is charged monthly on outstanding accounts.


School closes25 June 2021 at 12h00
School re-opens for term 3.
All learners back at school.
19 July 2021


We know it is very cold, but we do ask that all learners will wear the correct school uniform every day.  Learners are not allowed to wear any other beanie, except the school beanie.  It is available in the office.


Mr.JS Diedericks