Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 16 | TERM 2 – 2020

Good day to all parents


Everyone must wear a cloth face mask at all times.  Make sure you wash it every day.

Sanitize your hands or wash your hands with soap and water.  Remember to keep social distancing of at least 1.5 meters at all times.  Learners in the bus should wear a mask at all times.

We all need to adhere to these rules to stay safe and healthy.


If your child shows any flu symptoms please keep them at home until they are healthy again.  DON’T send your child to school if they are ill.  This is for the safety of all learners and staff at school.  Make sure your child and family are taking the necessary vitamins and immune system tablets to strengthen your immune system.

If your child was in contact with a person whom TESTED POSITIVE for Covid-19, the child MUST be in isolation for 14 days.  Please contact the teacher and we will arrange the homework for the child.

We do ask that all parents keep their children at home during weekends.  Don’t allow any visitors or play mates over weekends.  If all can stay home we can help fight the spread of the virus.  Be safe and wear your mask, sanitize and keep social distancing.


Make sure that the school has your correct email address/ addresses.  We are emailing important information and then email addresses don’t exist anymore.  It is in times like this, we are experiencing that communication via email is very important and necessary.  If you changed your email address, please send us the new information to: or info@cvc.afria


Thank you for the good attendance of learners during this time.  Learners are also happy to be back and to be able to chat with their friends.  They need to be between their peers.  It is also very important, because we will be starting with assessment soon.  Thank you to all the parents that believe in us here at Charlton Vos to keep your children safe as far as humanly possible.  We as school and parents have taken hands and we are succeeding at this stage.  Many learners are at home and falling behind in work.  At the end of the year it is a full scale exam and we know that 99.9% of our learners that attended school promptly will be able to pass.


Thank you for all the re-registration forms that came back before the due date.  If you haven’t send it back yet please do so ASAP to

Registration are still open for new students for 2021.    

If a learner gave notice during this time, he/she will have to apply as a new student for 2021 and if we have space we will gladly help you.  All learners that apply for 2021 as new students must have a valid report from a registered Educational provider and a transfer card from the previous school/Educational provider.


We are very concerned about those learners who did not come back to school yet.  Some cancelled their space and do Home schooling, but some did not make any arrangements and parents did not notify the school at all.  Parents must take note that those learners cannot come back to school late in the year and then expect to pass the current year.  We started some time back and learners who do attend will not be able to catch up later.  Learners who do not attend school might have to re-do this year.  Learners with serious underlying illness whose parents made arrangements are fine and they carry on as arranged.