Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 15 | TERM 2 – 2022

Good day


25 May 2022Grade R outing:  Wind & Fire School out normal time
6 June 2022Exam starts today School out at 12h00 as from today
7 June 2022Grade 1 outing:  Eco Pilots School out at 13h00
14 June 2022Grade 2 outing:  The Farmer Corner School out at 13h00
16 June 2022Public Holiday:  Youth Day
17 June 2022School Holiday
24 June 2022School closes


Thank you very much to all the parents that were invited that attended the individual parent meeting.  Let us keep on communicating to make it easier for your child.

LEARNER PERFORMANCE AND RE-REGISTRATION: Learners failing in HIGH SCHOOL:   Space is becoming a huge problem.  Remember – If your child is in Grade 8, he/she re-register for 2023 for Grade 9, etc.  We do not keep space for learners who fail.  Please talk to your child and make sure they work hard and pass the year.


We at Charlton Vos are not going to have a test series, we will be writing a full scale June exam.  Learners already received their exam time table.  Parents must please make sure that the learners are fully prepared to the specific subject for the day. 

The exam will commence on the 6 June 2022 and from this day the school will be out at 12h00 every day.  Except for the 7th June and 14th June when school will be out at 13h00 – outing days for foundation phase.


Please make sure that your account is up to date.  All fees need to be paid by the 3rd of every month. 


We are experiencing some discipline problems with learners at school and on the bus.  We have mentioned it in previous letters that we have a ZERO TOLERANCE when it comes to naughty and disruptive learners.  Learners need to show respect towards fellow learners, teachers and the school property.  Learners guilty of serious offences will not be re-registered for 2023. We are experiencing problems with learners misbehaving on the bus.  We have already taken a few learners off the bus because of bad behaviour.  We will not tolerate this at all.  Learner’s misbehaving is a danger to the driver and the other learners on the bus.  Please speak to your child about the behaviour on the bus.   The driver needs to focus on the road at all times.


The Department of Basic Education, in partnership with the Department of Health have agreed to provide in-schools vaccinations against COVID-19 for learners who are 12 years and above.

We have sent home a letter that must be completed where you as parent indicate that you want your child to be vaccinated or not.  Please send the form back ASAP.  We are just gathering information at this stage for the Department.  They will inform us later when they will be vaccinating the learners at school.

Mr. JS Diedericks