Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 14 | TERM 3 – 2018

Good day

Welcome back after a lovely holiday.  We hope and trust that you have also enjoyed some wonderful days with your child/ren.  We would like to thank our All Mighty God for bringing everyone safely back to school.  We also pray that this term will be filled with many blessings from our Heavenly Father.

We ask that you pray for our dearest gr R learner, Sihle Motau (RC).  They were in a terrible accident during the holidays.  He had to go for surgery, but is home now and recuperating there.  We hope and trust that Sihle will be up and about very soon.

WINTER UNIFORM: (until end of August)
Learners must wear the correct winter uniform.  Learners with wrong uniform will be send to the office and the parents will be informed immediately.  Parents will have to bring the correct uniform to school or fetch their child from school to purchase the correct uniform.

WAITING AREA (14H00 – 14H20)
As you know we have mentioned in the previous letters about the new waiting area for learners not making use of the bus transport after school.  It was completed on Monday 14th of May.  We have send out several letters explaining the procedure about the waiting area.  No learner will be accommodated after 14h20 in the afternoon.  It stays the responsibility of the parent to inform the after care or taxi to pick the child up not later than 14h20 in the afternoon.  If the parents are picking up their kids themselves, please make sure you are here on time.  The security is not responsible for your child.

All re-registration forms are finalized and there are some parents that did receive a letter about the cancellation of their child’s space.  If you didn’t submit your re-registration letter yet, please contact the office to find out if there are still space available.

Grade 7 and grade 9 learners’ parents did receive 2 letters about the re-registration of these to grades for the following year.

Learners did receive the info of the different camps last term.  We will be sending out the info again closer to the departure date.

All outstanding camp money for your child must be paid not later than the 31st July 2018.  No arrangements can be made.

There will be a civvie day held on the 27th of July.  Cost:  R5,00 per learner.  Learners must pay the R5 in with their register teacher.

There will be nice hot food available to buy from Monday the 30th of July.  It will be sold after school for the learners and parents of own transport.  You can eat while you wait for your child.

Reports will be out on the 27th of July 2018, during register period at the end of the day.

Please note that these parent days will be on INVITATION ONLY, but if you did not receive an invitation you are still welcome to call the school to arrange for an appointment with the teacher.

Gr R26 July:  14h15 – 16h00
Grade 1 – grade 330 July:  14h15 – 16h00
Grade 4 – grade 730 July:  14h15 – 16h00
Grade 8 – grade 1231 July:  14h15 – 16h00

Yours sincerely,

Mr. JS Diedericks
Operational Principal