Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 14 | TERM 2 – 2020

Good day to all parents


“A school must send out a notice to all parents informing them that they must not send learners to school if the learners have any of the observable symptoms associated with COVID-19, including fever, cough, sore throat, redness of eyes and shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing, body aches, loss of smell or loss of taste, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, fatigue or weakness.”


Please make sure your child has a mask on before they leave the house. 


All re-registration forms MUST BE BACK NOT LATER THAN 2 July 2020.  We need to finalize our classes for 2021.  All parents did receive a sms to inform you about the forms.


Make sure that your school fees are up to date.  If not please make sure to bring it up to date ASAP.  If you are not sure about your account, please feel free to send a mail to so that you can bring your account up to date if you are in arrears.  Thank you to all those parents that pay their school fees promptly.  We really appreciate it very much. 


The gates will open at 6h45 in the mornings.  After entering the premises learners will go straight to their register classes where the teacher will be waiting for them in the class.   (Before 6h45, teachers will not be at the class)

There are still learners coming after 07h30, and they are late in class.  Please make sure you drop off your child not later than 07h30.


As you all know a social distance of 1 m – 1.5 m, must be kept at all times.  When parents are waiting for learners they must have a mask on at all times, and keep social distancing.  It is for your safety and the parents and learners around you as well.  We are responsible for our learners on the school premises and they are keeping social distance at all time. 


As from the 6th of July all learners must wear the correct school uniform for winter.  Make sure your child is correctly dressed before he/she leaves the house.


We have been handing out hard copies of the letters to all learners and we have posted it on the website as well.  Parents also received it via email.  This will be the last letter that will be handed out to the learners.  From now on all letters will be posted on the website.  Please make sure you check the website every Friday for letters.  We post all letters on the Thursday afternoon.