Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 13 | TERM 2 – 2022

Good day


3 May 2022School fees for May 2022 had to be paid Normal school day
3 May 2022All learners must wear WINTER SCHOOL UNIFORM as from today.
3 – 5 May 2022Grade 4 – 7 Parent Day – Invitation only.  On the invitation the date and time will be given.  14h00 – 16h00
No specific dateGr R – 3 parent days – invitation only Parents will be contacted individually to attend   
24 June 2022School closes


Should you wish to see a teacher and you were not invited, you are welcome to arrange with the HOD or teacher for a time and day.


We really have a problem with the high school boys’ trousers.  If they don’t wear the one from Silver Cross they don’t wear a skinny pants at all.  Then they wear the normal black school trousers available at Silver Cross.  If we keep on having a problem with boys tailoring their own pants to be skinny looking, we are going to change the school rule to Normal black school trousers for all boys.  Then nobody will be wearing the skinny pants anymore.

We have now spoken about this many times but still there are boys not adhering to this rule.  Parents need to check the uniform before the learners leave home in the morning.  We are going to call parents to bring the correct pants to school before the boy can go to class. 

If your child’s uniform is to small, please donate it to the school that we can distribute it to those that might be in a predicament.  These donations can be handed in at the office.


Our school is taking part in the Robotics Project 2022 presented by the University of Pretoria.  It is a programme is about sharing and exchange of knowledge and experience in the technology sector.  We have 25 grade 8, 25 grade 9 and 5 grade 10 learners participating in this project.  They are enjoying it very much and learn something new every time.

Mr Chikumba is in charge of this project at our school.



We do ask that you as parent check your child’s cell phone on a regular basis.  Some of the learners have explicit stuff on their phones that they either took themselves or was sent to them by someone else.  Your child can land up in a lot of trouble if this kind of material is found on their cell phone.  We encourage parents to talk to their children about the usage of the cell phone.  We as school don’t have any control over what is one learners’ cell phones and can’t take any responsibility for what learners are sending around.  This needs to be dealt with by the parents themselves.


We have a few parents that are dropping there kids off after the bell rang in the mornings.  Learners that are arriving at school later than 7h45 will be kept in the waiting area at the main gate till after the register period or period 1.  Only then they will be sent to class.  Learners that come late are disturbing the class when entering during a period.  We will not allow this anymore.

Make sure that your child is at school not later than 7h40 every morning.  Parents that start to work later, must make use of alternative transport for your child so that they are not late for school.  You don’t want to be late for work and we don’t want the learners to be late for school.  This is going to have a negative impact on your child, so please make sure they are at school not later than 7h40.

Mr. JS Diedericks