Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 13 | TERM 2 – 2021

Good day to all parents


A big THANK YOU to all the parents that donated for this project.  It is going to make a huge difference in many children and adult’s lives.  Together we make a difference. 


Make sure that your account is up to date.  If you have any queries after you have checked your statement, please send a mail to Me Heidi van der Merwe at  Latest statements are send out today.  Those that received warning letters must adhere to the due date.


All learners did receive a re-registration form for 2022.  Remember that you need to apply each year.  Many factors are taken in consideration before an application form is send out to be complete that must be send back to school. 


Parent days were only for learners whose performance was not so good during the first term.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions we are not having parent days for other learners.  If you would like to meet with a specific teacher, please don’t hesitate to make an appointment.


We have sold out all the old stock.  New stock did arrive and unfortunately there was a price increase.  Beanies will be R 100,00.  It is available at school.

No other colour or other beanie will be allowed.  If your child would like to wear a beanie, it must be a school beanie.


School masks are available at school. 


If your child is not feeling well or is ill, please keep him/her at home.  Contact the teacher and arrange that your child’s work will be send via email for you.


We ask that children DO NOT bring phones to school.  No one is allowed to use a phone at school.  Any call must go through the office.  Please see diary for rules.


We experience a lot of problems with discipline on the buses.  Children don’t sit still.  They run around, play games etc.  They must sit still on their seat.  We will suspend learners from the bus if they do not behave.  Please help us and explain to your child the consequences if they don’t follow the rules.


Mr.JS Diedericks