Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 13 | TERM 2 – 2019

Good day

We are already experiencing problems with learners wearing the wrong uniform and winter didn’t start yet.  We have a list of the uniforms in the Diary and at Silver Cross, they know exactly what your child may wear to school during winter.

Learners are wearing the wrong colour jerseys and jackets.  If they are going to put on a warm vest it must not show at all.  Boys are wearing the wrong pants and some of the boys’ pants are very short.  Please make sure that your child’s pants are the correct length.

Some of the girls “skorts” at primary school are also very tight.  We know that kids are growing tremendously fast, but we do ask that you make sure your child’s school uniform fits and is not too tight or small.

The boys can wear SLIM FIT pants, but it must be the one bought at Silver Cross, because it is not too narrow.  Some boys are taking their pants to a tailor, and they make it so narrow that they can’t even put on socks.  This is NOT ALLOWED AT ALL.  They either wear the one bought at Silver Cross or we go back to the old school pants only rule.  Please inform your child about this so that they know what will happen if they don’t wear the correct school uniform.

Please explain to your child that the uniform is expensive and that they must look after every jersey or shoe they take off.  We can’t look for lost and found every day, and it is not the school or teacher’s responsibility to make sure that your child’s clothes are not lost.

Beanies:  ONLY THE SCHOOL BEANIE IS ALLOWED FOR GRADE R – 12.  NO exceptions will be made.  The school beanie is available at school.  If your child is going to wear black or red or any other colour beanie, they will be asked to take it off.

As you know, our learners can start wearing their WINTER UNIFORM as from the 1st of May every year.  But it is already cold in the mornings and therefore your child can wear the winter uniform from now until the end of August.  We do ask that you make sure your child has the correct uniform for winter.

It is available at Silver Cross, Madelief Centre, Pretoria-Noord.  Make sure when you buy at another outfitter that they are selling you the correct uniform.  We deal directly with Silver Cross.

We have some learners that are not wearing the correct PT uniform.  The correct uniform is available from Silver Cross, Madelief Centre, Pretoria-North.  They CAN’T WEAR ANY BLACK TRACKSUIT PANTS.  They must wear the one that is only available at Silver Cross.

Learners with the wrong uniform will be taken out and parents will have to bring the correct uniform to school.  Such learners will not be allowed in the class until they have the correct uniform.


Workers Day1 May 2019
Voting Day:  School closed8 May 2019

Parents please take note of the following extra classes, and make the necessary transport arrangements for your child.

GRADE 10MathematicsMondays & Tuesdays14h00 – 16h00
GRADE 11MathematicsThursdays14h00 – 16h00
GRADE 12Will continue like normal, according to Term 1-timetable

We have a problem with learners that are collected from school before school is out.  If your child is ill, please keep them at home or take them to the doctor immediately.  We are not allowed to distribute any medicine at school.  It is also not healthy for a sick/ill child to sit in class, they also don’t feel well and don’t concentrate at all.

If you are going away for the weekend remember that school is out at 13h00 on a Friday and your child needs to be in class until then.

In the English class the grade 7 learners had a wonderful time, playing in English.  The topic they are busy with lend it to make masks.  They made the most beautiful masks for this theme.  Thank you to Mrs Lynette Rossouw and each of the grade 7 learners that took part in making a mask.  We enjoyed it so much to be part of your class.

The exam is around the corner and High School learners are already starting the last week in May with the exam.  Teachers are finishing off the terms work and will be doing some revision before the exam starts.

We do ask that you help your child to set up a study time table for the June exam.  They need to be thoroughly prepared for every paper they are going to write.  In most of the subjects, they do write about the whole year’s work.

As soon as we get the final time table from the district we will hand it out to each learner.

Learners that are dropped off early in the mornings will be waiting in the waiting area.  We do ask, if possible not to drop your child off before 06h45 in the mornings.  With winter approaching fast it is still a bit dark at 06h30 in the mornings.  Security will not be responsible for your child when you drop them off early.  There will only be supervision from 7h15 in the morning.

Learners that are waiting for own transport or aftercare to pick them up will wait in the waiting area.  The school doesn’t take any responsibility for any learner after school is out in the afternoon.  The security is not aftercare and will not be looking after your child after school.  Please make the necessary arrangements that your child will be picked up NOT LATER THAT 14H15 (Monday – Thursday) and 13H15 (Fridays).


Mr. JS Diedericks
Operational Principal