Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 12 | TERM 2 – 2021

Good day to all parents

All teachers have been working around the clock to ensure that all learners are up to date with work.  But we are struggling with learners that are not preparing for test or homework not done.  It is important that parents help their children with preparation for test, exams and assignments.  Learners that don’t work hard will not have a good report at the end of the term/year. 


A big THANK YOU to all the parents that donated for this project.  It is going to make a huge difference in many children and adult’s lives.  We will run this project until the end of May 2021. 


Financial warning letters were issued to some accounts on Friday 14 May 2021.  Make sure to settle account as per letter.

Note that as per contract, interest is and will be charged on outstanding accounts.

It is important to make school fees payments on or before the 3rd of each month.


All learners did receive a re-registration form.  Make sure you complete it and send it back before the due date.  Admission is reserved.  Learners with discipline problems, behaviour problems or any other problems will not be re-registered.  Such learners will be notified via email.  Like stipulated in the contract and in previous letters, your child is only registered for one year (specific academic year), and therefore need to re-register every year.


Parents of learners that did not do well or failed the term were invited to meeting with the teacher to discuss the progress and the way forward for this specific learner.  If you were not invited, you are more than welcome to schedule an appointment with the relevant teacher.  All COVID-19 protocols will be adhere too.  We will not have many parents at school on the same day and time.  We do ask that all parents will be here on the scheduled time and day, as parent days will be over a few days due to COVID restrictions and teacher will not be able to have another appointment immediately if you did not come on your day and time.


We have sold out all the old stock.  New stock did arrive and unfortunately there was a price increase.  Beanies will be R 100,00.  It is available at school.

No other colour or other beanie will be allowed.  If your child would like to wear a beanie, it must be a school beanie.


School masks are available at school. 


Mr.JS Diedericks