Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 12 | TERM 2 – 2020

Good day to all parents

We have opened for grade 7 and 12 on the 1st of June 2020.  We were so proud of all these learners obeying the rules and really put in effort make sure they are up to date with all work.  The first 2 weeks went extremely well and all went exactly as planned.  We would like to thank the parents of all the grade 7 and 12 learners that had to make some adjustments to get learners to school and home again.  We really are very fortunate to have such dedicated parents here at Charlton Vos College.  The grade 7 and 12 learners know now exactly what is expected and how to make the “new normal” work.

This week some other grades also returned and the learners were just as glad as the teachers to see each other again.  We have started the week and we know that all our learners will quickly adopt to the “NEW NORMAL” here at Charlton Vos.  We put the safety of our learners first and did everything in our power to make sure that learners will be safe here at school.  We do expect that all learners will remain at home and not in the streets or malls during weekends. 


All learners received a questionnaire that must be completed and send back the next day to the register teacher.  These questions helps us to keep all learners safe.  Learners with an underlying illness, eg. Severe asthma will be sitting in front in the class.  Such learner’s temperature will be taken during the day again to make sure they are all well.  These learners must have their asthma pumps or other medication with them at all times.  They must also know when to take it and how.

Please keep your child at home if he/she is sick and notify the school or class teacher.  Every morning check if your child has a fever, cough, sore throat, etc.


All parents did receive a re-registration form.  Please complete it and send it back to school ASAP.  Learners can hand them in at security or at the register class.


Every class will be divided into 2 groups, namely group 1 and group 2.  You will received from the register teacher a message to tell you in which group your child falls.  We had to adjust our schooling plan, so that we can only accommodate 20 learners per class.  Please make sure your child knows what is expected from them, from the moment they arrive at school until they get dropped off again after school.


We would like to thank all those parents that paid their school fees promptly throughout.  We have continued with the online teaching and we have succeeded.  Those parents that are still in arrears from before the lockdown and now must please make sure to bring your account up to date ASAP.  Our education here at CVC never stopped, our teachers were teaching from early until very late to make sure that your child will be up to date when the school re-opened. 

We are so thankful for parents that that took our hands to help our kids while teaching continued at home. 


The gates will open at 6h45 in the mornings.  After entering the premises learners will go straight to their register classes where the teacher will be waiting for the in the class. 

School will be out at 14h00 until further notice. 

Please take note of this important arrangement to avoid any problems:  School is out at 14h00, learners MUST BE PICKED UP NOT LATER THAT 14H15.  After 14h15 all learners will have to leave the premises and stand on the outside to wait for their transportation.  We will not take any responsibility for any learner after 14h15.  We therefore asked that you as parent make sure that you arrange with the taxi, aftercare or uber to be on time.  There will be no supervision after 14h15 for any learner. 


On the Monday 22 June 2020, the following grades will be returning to school:  Gr 4, 5, 8 and 10.  We are looking forward to welcome these grades back.   Make sure you know in which group you fall, group 1 or group 2 so that you will be here on the correct

day. Monday, 22 June 2020, it will be group 1 that will be coming to school of all grades. (Refer to previous letter for dates and groups)

We are very proud of all our learners that have so quickly adopted to the new normal.  Thank you to all the parents for taking our hands and making this an easy journey for our learners.  We really appreciate it very much.


Please make sure your child is dressed according to the rules as from Monday, 22 June 2020.  All learners must wear the WINTER SCHOOL UNIFORM.   No casual clothes or any other jackets will be allowed as from Monday 22 June.


As you all know a social distance of 1 m – 1.5 m, must be kept at all times.  If you as parent are waiting for your child, we suggest to wait inside your car.  Your child knows your car and they can immediately go out the gate and get into the car.  If you have to leave your car, we ask that you keep a social distance at all times in the public area before the school gate.  We are responsible for our learners on the school premises and they are keeping social distance at all time.  This is for your own safety and also our learners and staff’s safety.