Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 11 | TERM 2 – 2022

Good day

Every day is a blessing and we need to be thankful for it.  The Lord is very good for us and we need to praise Him for blessing us.


14 April 2022Reports will go out to students
15 April 2022Good Friday
18 April 2022Family Day
19 April 2022Grade 8A & 8B & 9A Parent day
20 April 2022Grade 8C & 8D Parent day
20 April 2022Cross Country after school
21 April 2022Grade 8E Parent day
21 April 2022Gr 10 – 12 Parent day – invitation only
22 April 2022Book Character Day – Grade 1 – 3
25 April 2022Grade 9B & 9C Parent day
26 April 2022Grade 9D & 9E Parent day
27 April 2022Freedom Day
28 April 2022CVC holiday
29 April 2022CVC holiday
1 May 2022Sunday:  Workers’ Day
2 May 2022Public Holiday
3 May 2022School fees for May 2022 must be paid Normal school day
3 – 5 May 2022Grade 4 – 7 Parent day – Invitation only.  On the invitation the date and time will be given.
No specific dateGr R – 3 parent days – invitation only Parents will be contacted individually to attend
24 June 2022School closes


Our learners will be participating in a cross country event on the 20th of April 2022 directly after school.  Mrs. Rina vd Merwe is arranging the event.   

Entry fee is R 20 per athlete.

PARENT DAYS:  (parents will be seen individually)  See dates above

We will be hosting parent day for each grade.  Some parents will receive an invite, which means that your child did not pass the term, or your child needs specific attention to do better the next term. 

Grade R – 3 will invite parents on specific days at specific times.  They have already started with their parent days.

No learner will be put through, if they pass, they have passed on their own.  If a learner is constantly progressed to the next grade, how can such learner then pass grade 12 and be on standard??


Winter is here and it has become necessary to get our winter uniform out.  As from the 1st of May 2022 all learners will be wearing the winter uniform to school.  Please make sure you buy the correct winter uniform.  Learners with wrong uniform will have to phone their parents to bring the correct uniform before they can go back to class.  Parents must also check the time table and make sure that learners only wear the PT uniform (tracksuit pants) when they have PT.  If learner is wearing the wrong uniform parents will have to bring the correct uniform.  (Grade 4 – 12)

We really have a problem with the high school boys’ trousers.  If they don’t wear the one from Silver Cross they don’t wear a skinny pants at all.  Then they wear the normal black school trousers available at Silver Cross.  If we keep on having a problem with boys tailoring their own pants to be skinny looking, we are going to change the school rule to Normal black school trousers for all boys.  Then nobody will be wearing the skinny pants anymore.

We have now spoken about this many times but still there are boys not adhering to this rule.  Parents need to check the uniform before the learners leave home in the morning.  We are going to call parents to bring the correct pants to school before the boy can go to class. 

If your child’s uniform is to small, please donate it to the school that we can distribute it to those that might be in a predicament.  These donations can be handed in at the office.


We have spoken about discipline a few times in the past.  But it seems that some learners just don’t pay attention to the rules.  We have learners that are back chatting teachers, disrespect fellow learners and teachers.  Yelling at teachers, because they were reprimanded for home work not done or disrupting a class etc.  We can’t tolerate this kind of behaviour anymore.  Learners will receive disciplinary letters and such learners will not be registered at Charlton Vos for 2023.  We need to respect ourselves, our fellow learners and all staff at school.  This is not negotiable at all.   We run a tight ship so that we can keep everyone happy and make sure that all learners get the best education. 

Many times, we wonder where our kids see this behaviour, but we forget that they are constantly on social media, watching movies and tv which this kind of behaviour is acceptable.  BUT IN REAL LIFE IT IS NOT.  It is VERY BAD BEHAVIOUR.

Parents need to take the time and talk to their children about what is right and what is wrong behaviour.  Being arrogant is bad behaviour, back chatting is bad behaviour, disrespect is bad behaviour etc.  Know who your child’s friends are, with whom are they after school or weekend. 


The management decided that learners will not be given chance until the end of the year if fees are in arrears.  From 2022 the following will apply:

  •  One month in arrears:  Letter send to parents to bring fees up to date immediately.  Interest will be charged as per contract.
  • Second month in arrears:  Final warning letter will be sent out.  Interest will be charged again.  Warning that account will be handed over for collection.
  • Third month in arrears:  Letter/File will be handed over to attorney and learner’s space will be cancelled.

Parents that failed to bring the account up to date in time, did receive letters and were informed that the space will be cancelled immediately. 


Learners failing in HIGH SCHOOL:   Space is becoming a huge problem.  Remember – If your child is in Grade 8, he/she re-register for 2023 for Grade 9, etc.  We do not keep space for learners who fail.  Please talk to your child and make sure they work hard and pass the year.  A learner who fails the grade will not be having space the following year.  Such learners will have to apply at other schools in time.  We have informed all parents in L1T1 2022 about this. 

Learners that fail Mathematics and Science will not be able to carry on with these subjects the following year.  This is not negotiable.  Our teachers are working hard and we also had spoken to parents about the above mentioned 2 subjects.  So, if you want your child to continue with these 2 subjects if they failed them in 2022 you will have to apply at another school in time.

Grade 9 learners of 2022 must have an average of at least 60% in Mathematics and Natural Sciences to be able to choose Mathematics and Science in grade 10, 2023.  This will be adhered too.

We have limited space in grade 10 – 12 and we will not have learners playing or not interested in a subject take a subject and then fails it at the end of each term. 

Mr. JS Diedericks