Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 10 | TERM 2 – 2022

Good day

Welcome back after a well-deserved rest.  We hope and trust that you also had some quality time with your families.


Wearing a mask is compulsory on the school premises.  We will also keep on sanitizing when entering the premises and regularly throughout the day.  This is just to keep everyone save from Covid and Flu viruses.  Winter is here and as you know many will get the flu.  So please take the necessary precautions by taking vitamins or getting the flu injection to help prevent our learners getting ill or end up in hospital.

This term is not very long.  Exam is already around the corner.  We need to work hard to be able to achieve all our goals. 


14 April 2022Reports will go out to students
15 April 2022Good Friday
18 April 2022Family Day
27 April 2022Freedom Day
28 April 2022CVC holiday
29 April 2022CVC holiday
1 May 2022Sunday:  Workers’ Day
2 May 2022Public Holiday


Learners that are not feeling well or is sick must please be kept at home until better.  Many learners arrive at school and then immediately we need to phone parents to fetch them, then they say that they got up not feeling well.  We can’t keep a learner at school that is not feeling well.


Our learners will be participating in a cross country event.  Details were given through to learners.   
Entry fee is R 20 per athlete.

Mr. JS Diedericks