Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 10 | TERM 2 – 2021

Good day to all parents


Grade 12Already back at school
Grade 1115 April 2021 – Already back at school
Grade 3, 4, 7 and 1021 April 2021 – Already back at school
Grade 2, 6 and 93 May 2021 – Already back at school
Grade 1, 5 and 810 May 2021
Grade RR & Grade RAlready back at school

All is going very well here at school.  We do ask you to constantly remind your child about the following:  Keeping social distance, wearing a mask and sanitizing or washing hands regularly, even if they are not at school.  All transport is back to normal as usual, except learners will sanitize before they get on bus and their temperature will be taken.  If a learner’s temperature is too high, such learner will not be able to board the bus and will be send home.  Pls make sure that your child has supervision at all times until the bus leaves the pick up/drop off point.

We would like to thank all parents for the help and effort that were put into helping learners at home with homework and tasks.  We hope and trust that you will continue to do so, to help them achieve good results throughout the year.

Remember:  If your child is sick – keep him/her at home.  Don’t send any sick learner to school. 


All fees for May month had to be paid already.  Make sure that your child’s fees are paid before or on the 3rd of each month.  Accounts that are in arrears must be settle ASAP. 

Learners will start to receive re-registration forms for 2022.   Please ask for the form, complete it and send it back before the due date.  Remember that a learner must re-apply every year for the following year.  Learners with behavioural problems and account problems will not be registered for the next academic year (only if the account is paid up and re-registration is approved by school).   Right of admission reserved.


We have spoken about discipline many times before.  We would like you just to remind your child about behaving on the bus and here at school.   We deal with ill mannered learners immediately to avoid any hampering of education during school hours.  But we also speak about discipline regularly to make sure every learner behaves well at all times. 

Please take time to speak to your child/ren about behaviour towards other children and adults.  Make sure they understand that it is not right to hurt other learners.  This is taken very serious and will not be tolerated at school.  There are not second chances for bullies.


VERY IMPORTANT:  We can only accommodate a certain number of learners from Grade 10 – 12.  So, learners will be evaluated on their June/July academic performance as well as their discipline record before they will be admitted in Grade 10 – 12.  A learner who fails Grade 10, 11 or 12 will not be re-admitted because of limited space.


Winter Uniform – As from 3 May all learners had to wear the full winter school uniform.  No other colour beanies, jerseys, scarfs or jackets will be allowed.  Make sure you purchase the correct uniform from Silver Cross in Pretoria-North.  Boys are not allowed to wear skinny pants, except those that are purchased from Silver Cross.  Parents must make sure that children are correctly dressed before they leave home in the morning.  If learners are not correctly dressed, parents will be called to bring correct uniform or fetch learner from school.  All rules must be adhered to at all times. 


All public and school transport are allowed to carry 100% capacity.  Once all learners are back, we will identify buses which are over loaded and sort out the problems.

It is very important that we as educators and parents take hands in educating our learners about morals and values.  As Christians we need to obey by the rules set out in the Bible for us.  We need to teach them to always be vigilant and not engage in any strange activities, not miss use the cell phone, internet, etc.  Learners must have respect for parents, teachers and each other.


Mr.JS Diedericks