Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 10 | TERM 2 – 2019

Good day

Welcome back after the holiday.  We hope and trust that you had the opportunity during the 2 weeks to spend some quality and quantity time with your family.

Term 2 is very short due to the fact that it is also the term where we write the June exam.  The time is limited for teaching and therefore we ask that you make sure your child does his/her homework every day and hand in tasks on time.

All school fees for April had to be paid on the 3rd of April 2019.  If you did not yet pay the fees, we ask that you do it ASAP.  If your account is still in arrears with previous months’ fee, we do ask that you settle the full outstanding amount on or before the 5th of April 2019 to avoid steps.

We are open for registration for new learners for 2020.  Current learners will receive their re-registration letters, explaining the process thoroughly during the following week.  As we have already indicated in previous letters, learners with discipline problems or school fee problems will not be registered for the following academic year.

Thank you to each and every parent that makes sure their child is dressed properly for school every day.  It is such a pleasure to see how they are proud of the uniform and school.

As from the 1st of May 2019, all learners must wear the WINTER UNIFORM.  It is available at Silver Cross, Madelief Centre, Pretoria-Noord.  Make sure when you buy at another outfitter that they are selling you the uniform.  We deal directly with Silver Cross.


REPORTS go out to all learners5 April 2019
Parents day: Gr 1 – 3 INVITATION ONLY8 April 2019
Parents day: Gr 4 – 7 INVITATION ONLY9 April 2019
Parents day: Gr 8 – 12 INVITATION ONLY15 April 2019
Good Friday19 April 2019
Family Day22 April 2019
Workers Day1 May 2019
Voting Day:  School closed8 May 2019

We had an inspection from NOSA to upgrade our Health and Safety at school.  We are busy to implement new regulations and also to change a few things regarding our safety at school.  We would like to make this a very safe environment for our teachers and learners.

We have addressed this problem ample times before, but we feel the need to do it again and hope and trust that all parents and learners will help in this regard.

We do ask you to speak to your child about their behaviour on the bus.  They have to be seated at all times, no playing or throwing stuff around or jumping up and down on the seats.  We have learners running around on the bus and then break the window of the bus because of unruly behaviour.  The driver has his eyes on the road and can’t constantly look around to tell learners to sit down and behave.  These learners that are not obeying the bus rules will be taken off the bus for the safety of the driver and the other learners on the bus.  We will not jeopardize the safety of any learner on any bus because of one or two learners that have no respect or is unruly in the bus.

The following learners have been selected to represent the school on the district level:

Molefi Khwalo                  Grade 7
Thapelo Motebejane        Grade 6
Ditshefatso Ramasodi      Grade 5

Thank you to Mr Nhamo Majoni, the soccer coach at school for all his effort and help.

This is a prestige competition and we have entered learners into this competition.  IN the past 15 years Charlton Vos College has won many diplomas and gold medals.  We enter our learners into the following categories:  Visual Art, Instrumental, Vocal, Drama, Oral Presentation and Creative Writing.

We wish them luck and know that they will do extremely well again this year.  Thank you to all the teachers involved in your effort and help to make each of these learners succeed.


Mr. JS Diedericks
Operational Principal