Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 1 | TERM 1 – 2022

Good day to all parents

R/e:  First letter for 2022

Welcome back after a well-deserved holiday.  Charlton Vos is thankful for all the blessings and that all our staff and children are back safe here at school.

It is going to be a wonderful year for all of us, and we have a lot planned for this beautiful year.

Important info:

  • A newsletter will be posted on the website every Thursday.  Make sure you register on the website to get the newsletter every Thursday.  We would like to minimize the hard copies.  It stays the responsibility of the parent to read the newsletter and stay up to date with all information given.
  • Schoolfees:  The management decided that learners will not be given chance until the end of the year if fees are in arrears.  From 2022 the following will apply:
  •  One month in arrears:  Letter send to parents to bring fees up to date immediately.  Interest will be charged as per contract.
  • Second month in arrears:  Final warning letter will be sent out.  Interest will be charged again.  Warning that account will be handed over for collection.
  • Third month in arrears:  Letter/File will be handed over to attorney and learner’s space will be cancelled.
  • Learners failing in HIGH SCHOOL:   Space is becoming a huge problem.  Remember – If your child is in Grade 8, he/she re-register for 2023 for Grade 9, etc.  We do not keep space for learners who fail.  Please talk to your child and make sure they work hard and pass the year.
  • Discipline:  We have a zero tolerance towards bad behaviour in school and buses.  Talk to your child about basic discipline.  Also make sure they obey the rules.  Talk to them about uniform, hair, etc.  All must be according to school rules.
  • Dairies:  All leaners have received a school diary today.  Please read through it and make sure you know all the rules.  Sign the front of the diary and complete the personal information correctly.
  • School hours:  All learners must be at school – 7h40.  Bell will ring 7h45 for register period to start.  School is out Monday to Thursday at 14h00 and Fridays at 13h00.  When the bell ring for school out, learners will not be allowed back on the premises.  Make sure you pick your child up directly after school is out.  We start with cleaning classes and toilet for the next day and therefore learners will have to remain at the main gate in the waiting area until parents pick them up.  Also remember that Security is not aftercare, and they are not there to look after your child after school is out.
  • The following dates are very important:
20 January 2022Photo day Grade R & 1
21 January 2022Grade 12 Results out
24 January 2022Photo day Grade 2 – 7
28 January 2022Orientation for grade 8 end with a colour run
29 January 2022Junior leader training Ave on Iris – 8h00 – 16h00
31 January 2022Photo day Grade 8 – 12
17 March 2022School closes for first term
5 April 2022School re-opens for Term 2
15 April 2022PUBLIC HOLIDAY – Good Friday
18 April 2022PUBLIC HOLIDAY – Family day
19 April 2022Normal school day
27 April 2022PUBLIC HOLIDAY – Freedom day
28 April 2022School Holiday CVC
29 April 2022School Holiday CVC
2 May 2022PUBLIC HOLIDAY – Workers Day
3 May 2022Normal school day

Other important dates will be given through in the weekly letter.

  • Queries:  Please send a mail to or   for any school related queries.  Class info will be handled by class teacher.  You can send a mail to the HOD of the phase using the following email addresses: 
Grade 1 –
Grade 4 –
Grade 8 –
Grade 10 –
  • General:  We do ask that you are also considerate and not phone or message a teacher after 15h30 in the afternoons. 
  • Please don’t call/message teachers in school hours, they are not allowed to be on their phones. 
  • We know there are some classes in Grade 10 with too many learners.  We are busy to sort out the problem in the best possible manner.
  • We do ask that if your child is making use of own transport, to please make sure he/she is collected from school not later than 14h30.  Gates will close at 14h30 and learners will have to wait outside school premises. 

Good luck for 2022, and let us take hands and make it successful year for all our learners.  Parents need to make sure that homework is done every day, that learners are thoroughly prepared for every assignment and test.  Learners will work for their marks and not just get marks.

We also pray that the Almighty Lord Jesus Christ will protect our school during this year and help all of us to only do our best.


Mr. JS Diedericks