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NEWSLETTER 17 | TERM 2 – 2020

Good day to all parents IMPORTANT DATES: We have worked very hard and continuously since the start of the Lockdown.  We are very proud of all our learners and teachers that have put in effort during this uncertain time.  Once again Charlton Vos is way ahead of any other school,…

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NEWSLETTER 16 | TERM 2 – 2020

Good day to all parents MASKS AND SOCIAL DISTANCING: Everyone must wear a cloth face mask at all times.  Make sure you wash it every day. Sanitize your hands or wash your hands with soap and water.  Remember to keep social distancing of at least 1.5 meters at all times. …

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NEWSLETTER 15 | TERM 2 – 2020

Good day to all parents There has been many changes over the past few days concerning education.  We as Charlton Vos are up to date with all our work.  All grades are working very hard to make sure that we do all work that must be done for the specific…

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NEWSLETTER 14 | TERM 2 – 2020

Good day to all parents DISASTER MANAGEMENT ACT, 2002: “A school must send out a notice to all parents informing them that they must not send learners to school if the learners have any of the observable symptoms associated with COVID-19, including fever, cough, sore throat, redness of eyes and…

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NEWSLETTER 13 | TERM 2 – 2020

Good day to all parents This week the last 4 grades also returned and the learners were just as glad as the teachers to see each other again.  We know that all our learners will quickly adapt to the “NEW NORMAL” here at Charlton Vos.  We put the safety of…

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NEWSLETTER 12 | TERM 2 – 2020

Good day to all parents We have opened for grade 7 and 12 on the 1st of June 2020.  We were so proud of all these learners obeying the rules and really put in effort make sure they are up to date with all work.  The first 2 weeks went…

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NEWSLETTER 11 | TERM 2 – 2020

Good day Welcome back after a very long lockdown period.  But it all was necessary to help contain the spread of the virus in the beginning.  We all need to adjust to the “new normal” way of living and working.  But we as South Africans have once again showed the…

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Lockdown letter 2

Good day to all parents Hope and trust that all of you are still safe at home.  We have put measures in place to help fight the spread of the Covid 19, but we can’t do it alone. We need all parents to take hands and to help us in…

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Lockdown letter 1

Good day to all parents We hope and trust that you are your family are doing fine, and that you are all healthy. We have send out several sms messages to inform you about the online classes and the work and lessons posted on the website under Education.  We have…

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NEWSLETTER 9 | TERM 1 – 2020

Good day SCHOOL FEES: Thank you for the parents that already brought their account up to date after receiving their statements.  If your fees are not yet paid, please do so immediately.  Remember that April 2020’s school fees must be paid by the 3rd of April 2020. SOCIAL WORKER AND THERAPISTS:…

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