Charlton Vos

Lockdown letter 1

Good day to all parents

We hope and trust that you are your family are doing fine, and that you are all healthy.

We have send out several sms messages to inform you about the online classes and the work and lessons posted on the website under Education.  We have tried to make it as easy as possible for the learners to grasp the concepts and that is why we have used videos to explain.  We know it is sometimes very difficult to do all your own work and to help with school work, but it is also very important to keep our learners up to date with all the work during the lockdown period. 

Teachers are constantly loading up new work for learners, so we do ask to check the website regularly.  We as school already has put plans in place to be able to revise all the work given during lockdown period and then to catch up all the work and time that we lost.  We will adjust the plans as soon as we have clarity on when the schools will re-open again and what the Department of Education’s plans are for the exams in June.  We can’t finalize the time table for this if we don’t know the exact dates for the DOE.

Hope and trust that you understand.

Please note:  If you fall ill during the lockdown period, make sure to isolate or see a doctor.  If you show any symptoms of Covid 19, immediately take the necessary measures.  If you or any member of your family has tested positive or has been in contact with a person/s who are infected or think they might be infected, please inform the school ASAP.   Any person with symptoms are not allowed to attend school after the lockdown period.  A medical certificate as proof that you are fit for work or school must be handed in to proof that you will not infect any other persons.  Send a mail to the following informing us about the above mentioned:

Learners with flu symptoms must also stay at home after the lockdown until they are 100% better, 

Please let us adhere to all the rules set out by the President for this lockdown period.  Stay at home and be safe.  Let us pray for South-Africa, our parents that are essential workers and must go to work every day and for our CVC families.  We trust in God and we pray that He will help us to make the right decisions in this uncertain times.

We will keep you informed, via sms, email or website.

Please be safe – STAY AT HOME, only go out if really necessary and then please wear a mask and use sanitizer regularly.