Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 6 | TERM 1 – 2017

Good Day

After all the rain, we can just thank our All Mighty Lord, Jesus Christ for the blessings He bestow upon us.


Just a reminder about the due date for photo orders.   Make sure that you complete the order form thoroughly and send the money in an envelope to school before the 29th of March 2017.  No orders or money will be taken after this date.


Cooler bags are available here at school.  The amount is R 90,00.  It is not available at office.  They will buy it from Teacher Daphney Grade 1A – Room 73 and Teacher Jessica Grade 3A – Room 48.

The foundation phase teachers did mention this in the letter that went out for the parent day.


We are currently experiencing problems with some learners.  They are vandalizing the bus which they travel on every day.  They tear the seats, using pens or pencils or other type of instruments to poke holes into the seats.  They are hanging on the overhead rails with their full weight and then break it off.  The bus drivers have their eyes on the road and can’t look around constantly.  Mr. Diedericks and Mr Nel have spoken to all the learners using the bus transport and explained to them the consequences of this.  We have appointed bus leaders (they are wearing badges) to help us in the regard.  But still have that one or two that don’t want to listen.  We ask the parents help in this regard, please ask your child who is the one vandalizing the bus, so that we can address that learner specifically and individually about the situation.  We know that not all learners are guilty and therefore we don’t want to talk to the whole bus about this again.

To cover the seats and to fix the rails cost money, and we have decided that the guilty learners will be taken off the bus and their parents will be invoiced for the damage.

We, here at Charlton Vos College belief that we have the cream of the crop attending this private school, therefore we can’t tolerate the above mentioned or any other type of vandalism or discipline problems.  We are proud of our school and we expect each learner to also be proud of his/her school.

Guilty learners’ parents will be contacted immediately after we have investigated the situation.


20 March 2017School holiday
21 March 2017Human Rights Day – Public Holiday
30 March 2017Fun day Grade R – grade 7
31 March 2017School closes


Thatothatsi Mononyane in Gr. 11 is in the run to win the Zee World Miss Teen Commonwealth SA 2017 title. She is a Finalist and we congratulate her on this achievement. She had to identify two local registered charity organizations and the school wants to help in this regard to collect some food and clothes for these people. Please assist us by donating a tin of food or some clothes which you don’t use anymore. It will be much appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. JS Diedericks
Operational Principal