Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 33 | TERM 4 – 2016

Good Day,


We would like to thank all the parents that pay their school fees promptly before or on the 3rd of each month.  We really appreciate it very much.

We would like all the other parents to pay the outstanding balance for 2016 (including re-registration fee) before or on the 20th of November to avoid any further action.

We have completed our registration process for 2017.  Make sure that your re-registration fee for 2017 is paid ASAP.  We will not be able to accommodate any learners that did not re-register or cancelled during 2017.  Such learners can re-apply and will be on the waiting list for 2017, and if we have space we will phone all people on the waiting list.


Grade R23 November 2016Will be given to learners
Grade 1 – Grade 36 December8h00 – 9h00
Grade 4 – Grade 62 December8h00 – 9h00
Grade 8 – Grade 97 December8h00 – 9h00
Grade 10 – Grade 115 December8h00 – 9h00

We will not hand out reports after 9h00, then learners will come to fetch them on the 11th January 2017.

There will not be any bus transport on the days that your child can collect the reports.  We do ask that you bring your child yourself to fetch the report.

Make sure that your school fees, including re-registration is paid in full before you come to fetch the report.  Proof of payments must be send to Mrs. Retha Pretorius so that she can capture on time.  Parents that owe school fees did receive several sms messages.  If your number changed it stays your responsibility to inform the office about it.

We don’t want parents to stand in a queue checking school fees on the day we hand out reports, so please make sure your fees are up to date to avoid standing in a queue.  You can check your account by sending an email to the office or phone and speak to Mrs. Retha Pretorius.

Email for accounts:

Yours sincerely,

Mr. JS Diedericks
Operational Principal