Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 29 | TERM 4 – 2016

Good day,


All learners will receive their reports on Friday, 21 October 2016.  Make sure that your school fees are up to date before or on Friday morning to avoid any problems.


Learners will be receiving the final exam time table on Friday, 21 October.

Normal school 24 October 2016 till 28 October 2016 and school will be out at 14h00.

The exam starts 31 October 2016 and from the 31 October the school will be out at 12h00 until the 23 November for grade 1 to grade 11.  Please make the necessary arrangements for your child if school will be out at 12h00.

Own transport:  Please notify the pre-school or taxi that pick your child up after school, that school will be out at 12h00 from 31 October until 23 November.  The security is not an after care and we have asked previously that you please make sure that your child is collected not later than 12h15.  It is also not fair towards your child to spend a whole day at school later than school is out during exam time.

The 23rd November will be the last day that the buses will pick up and drop off the learners.


It will take place on the following days (ONLY BY INVITATION – YOU WILL RECEIVE NOTICE)

Grade 1 – 3                 Parents will be invited on different days
Grade 4 – 7                 25 October:  14h15 till 17h00 (by invitation only)
Grade 8 – 12               26 October:  14h15 till 17h00 (by invitation only)

Yours sincerely,

Mr. JS Diedericks
Operational Principal