Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 28 | TERM 4 – 2017

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Good Day

Time is flying and there are still so much to be done before we can start finishing off for the year.


We have asked ample times to register on the website to get the newsletter mailed to you every week.  But there are only a few parents that did so.  We want to thank those parents for taking the time to do it, because every week there are very important information given through.

We do ask that you register ASAP.



The school uniform is available at Silver Cross, Madelief Centre, Pretoria-North.  We have addressed this issue ample times now and there are still learners wearing the wrong uniform or don’t obey the school rules regarding uniform.

The new slim fit pants for boys and girls are available at Silver Cross.  They can only wear the slim fit from the supplier.  If your child is wearing any other slim fit, he/she will be send home to redress.

The PT tracksuit pants will also be available from Silver Cross.  It is a black tracksuit pant with our logo and the school’s name embroided on the pants.  NO other tracksuit pant will be allowed for PT.  Please make sure when you purchase your child’s uniform for the next year that you buy the correct clothing otherwise it is going to cost you extra money if they don’t have the correct uniform.


We have informed you last year at the end of the year that Caddies will not be allowed anymore.  It is a sound nuisance and it is extremely heavy for the learners to carry it around.  It also takes up a lot of space in the class and in the bus.


With Xmas around the corner we must think about those that are not so fortunate than we are.  We would like to contribute to those that might not have anything to eat over Xmas time.  We therefore ask that each learner must please bring at least 2 tins of food to school during the next 2 weeks.  We would like to make the donation at the end of October to those in need.


We would like to take this opportunity and thank all the parents that pay the school fees promptly every month.  November 2017’s fees must be paid by the 3rd of November.  No arrangements can be made for late payments.

We just want to emphasize the fact that if your child’s fees are not paid up to date, your child will not be able to make use of the free bus transport to and from school every day.  If you are transporting your child yourself you MUST FETCH YOUR CHILD NOT LATER THAN 14H15 FROM SCHOOL.  Security WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR CHILD AFTER 14H15.


Grade 1 – 3 Assessment week6 November 201710 November 2017
Grade 4 – 713 November 201724 November 2017
Grade 8 – 1130 October 201724 November 2017
Grade 1223 October 201727 November 2017

Please take note that if your school fees (arrears and November 2017) are not paid by the 3rd of November your child will not be able to make use of the bus transport.

During exam time the school will be out at 12h00, and all learners need to be fetched not later than 12h15.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. JS Diedericks
Operational Principal