Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 26 | TERM 3 – 2016

Good Day,


As per previous letter, we did ask that all learners must start wearing their summer uniform from the 5th of September.

If your child is not yet wearing the summer uniform, please make sure that they do it ASAP.  No beanies or scarfs are allowed anymore.  The uniform is available at Silver Cross, Madelief Centre, Pretoria-North.

Some learners’ uniform is really very dirty and some is too small.  Please make sure that your child is exceptionally neat every day.  They need to be proud of their uniform.  This is the responsibility of the parent to make sure that your child is correctly and neatly dressed every day for school.


We are really experiencing problems with learners that bully other learners on the bus.  We can’t take responsibility for that and it is in actual fact the parents responsibility to make sure that your child knows how to behave on any vehicle, especially on the school bus.  There are also some learners that are not obeying the rules and endanger the lives of others on the bus.  We are going to take learners off the bus permanently if a learner is guilty of bullying or not behaving on the bus.  We will not tolerate any further problems with such learners.  Learners need to sit still on the seats, but they tear the seats and throw papers and rubbish everywhere in the bus.  This will not be tolerated at all.


Learners that did not hand in the last tasks or assignments, must do so before or on Monday the 26th of September 2016.  These marks need to be finalized before the end of the term.   Learners that did not hand in any tasks or assignments will get zero and that would have a huge influence on their term marks.  Most of the learners are really putting in effort to hand in excellent work.  Thank you to those parents that help their children with the tasks and assignments.

The exam is around the corner and learners need to make sure they are thoroughly prepared for the exam.


It is almost the end of the year and you need to make sure that your child’s school fees are up to date.  Learners did receive an account, make sure that you have paid it in full to avoid steps.  Parents that are in arrears have received multiple sms messages bringing the situation under their attention.  We have also send out letters to parents that are in arrears.

We also would like to say THANK YOU TO THOSE PARENTS THAT PROMPTLY PAY THEIR SCHOOL FEES EVERY MONTH.  We really appreciate it. 

Yours sincerely,

Mr. JS Diedericks

Operational Principal